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Forex trading or currency trading can be done logically or impulsively. Trading currency in an impulsive manner is same as gambling and much more amount of money have been lost through impulsive forex trading. Gambling away currencies are not the best way to achieve a quick success in the forex market. One keeps hoping on luck and these methods always have a huge amount of failure.

An impulsive trading is simply gambling. A trader who into forex impulse trading can rejoice and be confident when on the winning side but one simple loss can make the same trader give up on all the profits and capital to the trading market. Most cases of impulse trading always end up in absolute heartbreak. All things being equal, logical classification of trades leads more to a total success unlike impulsive trading. It is usually more precise than impulsive trading and this reason is not because of its precised nature because most times, trading logically always hits good amount of losses but this helps forex traders to know how to limit their loses while those that trade impulsively are always one step away from being bankrupt. Now, let us take a look at both marketing strategies.


A trader who is an impulsive trader always feels price action and the impulsive responds to these actions accordingly. If prices in the EUR/USD for example, move slightly higher, an impulsive trader will feel he has got the jackpot and decides to sell the currency pair. This is not a bad move in the forex market but there is always need for caution in every trade. The right indicators should be used, the right analysis, and mostly discretion. As is with the case of the forex market, anything can happen to alter the market condition on which the impulsive trader acted upon. This will turn out not to be favorable for the trader and might s well lead to losses.


A logical trader will analyze his trade technically and fundamentally in other to fully know the risk involve and time of entries. At this point, he will know that the EUR/USD is overloaded but instead of rushing into the sells of the currency, he waits patiently for a clear signal like a move in the relative strength index before he goes into trading. By so doing, all possibility of failure and loss will be eliminated and success sticks in.

In conclusion trading analytically brings more gloating and happy feelings than venturing into a trade without first insight and greed. Actual check of the risk involved at the end of the road will save a lot of tears than ignorance and wants.

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