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Trend lines are the basic to trading in this foreign exchange trading market. First things first though, there are more than a few things which come into the picture keeping in mind that there’s going to be profits from this market. Trend lines directly refer to the support and resistance setups or lines. Every single price action which occurs on the market is always relative to these support and resistance lines. This is just where Forex Lines 8 comes in.

Ranging in Trends:

Using multiple indicators is a trademark for the best modern indicators in the market. Foreign exchange functions as per numerous variables. More the indicators working in tandem, better the overall analytical outputs. 

With Forex lines 8, what you have is a technical indicator which takes all the most vital and basic pointers with respect to trend analysis together in one single setup. In total there are 23 technical tools or indicators. Before going into the basic functions, here are a few basics which this setup integrates.

Using Range Bars and Range Pointers:

Ranges are directional movements corresponding to a particular market trend at a certain time frame. When it comes to Range bars, the picture takes a more precise turn of events. Range bars are drawn corresponding to a particular range at the time frame in question.

One of the most important pointers which you need to keep in mind is the elasticity of these bars. Elasticity refers to the responsiveness of intrinsic market movements with respect to price action, i.e. fluctuation of prices as per a certain currency pair. 

These range bars also help you ascertain the magnitude of trend other than the direction itself. Trend magnitude refers directly to the range of fluctuation of an indicators’ analytics within its highest high and lowest low bars. 

Using Forex Lines ver 8:

What you’re looking for are repetitions of the trend. So, if you get a few successively increasing highest highs coming into the picture, you’re quite obviously looking for an uptrend. Why? Well simply, the market itself is trying to register better prices as an effect of traders or investors considering the same. On the contrary, you’re looking for a downtrend the moment you see successive lowest lows.

Either way, what you’re doing is trying to predict future market prospects with mostly current along with some past patterns. Creating market forecasts as per trend patterns has a direct relation to investor sentiment.

If you’re investing with these lines, then your strategy will concentrate on everything relative to market trends. When you get a strong trend line indication, you have two options.
Either you go with that trend analysis and invest, or you wait for it repeats and confirms. With this indicator, you have the advantage of waiting for trend confirmation. Confirmation is simply when a trend repeats instead of repealing. That is the signal you’re waiting to enter the market.


Simply, with Forex lines 8 and similar such trend indicators, you’re reacting to ongoing trends and investing accordingly. With this indicator or rather trading system, you have 23 technical indicators giving a comprehensive market outlook.

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