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As Forex is fast revolutionising into a highly preferable investment venture, Forex Mobile Trader numbers also seem to be surging radically.  

In Experts View:

‘A major part of this growth is due to the perceivable ease of trading accessibility as to what traders had a decade and a half ago. A venture which was once a sole preserve of highly educational businessmen/women has now amazingly transpired into a universal arcade.’

Numbers Double From 2015 To 2016:

Taking up some more statistics, the number of mobile trading entities 2016 doubled to what it was in 2015. It further points, people wanting to become a part of this lucrative venture choose their brokerage firms depending on whether their trading platform was responsive to mobile OS or not. 

Is This Why MetaTrader 4 Become So Widespread?

Perhaps so! Otherwise there is no other rational explanation usage of MetaTrader 4 became so widespread in such a short span. Presenting adequate compatibility to Forex trader for Android, iOS and Windows, one had everything they wanted to enter into new/existing trades and capitalise on market opportunities.

What are Those ‘So-Called Conveniences’ for FX Mobile Traders?

Extremely Easy:

Mobile Trading involves very simple to set up. All one need to do was download one’s chosen broker platform and register. Those who have existing trading accounts can easily log into it and trade from exactly where they left off. 

They can customise their charts and technical tools without breaking a sweat. Plus with options to set up pop-up notifications for economic releases or currency stature, traders knew everything about the market.

Freedom of Trading:

The freedom to trade anytime and from any part of the world is a heck of a convenience for a regular Forex mobile trader. One has the liberty to browse through their trading charts, make adjustments (if necessary) and execute traders in the opportune moment. 

The only thing which a mobile FX trader needs to maintain is ensuring their internet connectivity is running soundly.


Off-course flexibility is one of the major conveniences for any Forex Trader Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry device owner. One may ask how? Simply because, there are quite a few who still have to go to office. 

So in most cases they would not find appropriate time to invest for their currency trades. Choosing scalping as their mode of trading, they can just log into their existing accounts using their smartphones and take advantage of those profitable trades- be it buying or selling!

This also applies to someone forecasting a break in the UK market but due to their office terms having to travel by train or vehicle. They just need to enter into their account and all economic news and occurrences will appear immediately over their screen. Basing their trading decision via those crucial economic happenings, they can execute their trades with GBP and potentially bring profits.

These are some of those crucial conveniences a Forex mobile trader can avail. If you feel excitable about it, find a reliable broker offering mobile responsive trade platform (MT4 preferably) and sign up. The whole world accepts mobile trading. Just join the army.

Happy Trading!

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