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Now we need to first of all understand the meaning of currency and outlook as it relates to foreign exchange (forex). Primarily we should know that foreign exchange deals with marketing trading currencies in pairs, taking advantage of their exchange rates in order to make some profits.


Currency can be viewed in many ways it can be seen as a token, system, or form of symbol or money which must be generally accepted in a country and used by that country for exchange purposes’, this money can be in form of coin, uniquely design paper with symbols that cannot easily be redesigned by graphical designers. It must be issued by the government and also be circulated with the economy of the country. Is unique as it differs from countries, this means  that the money of a particular country will always be different from other countries, the values also differs as well, at it is because of this difference  in value that brought about  our studying of this topic.

Outlook is best defined as a perspective from a given direction it can otherwise said to be a personal point of view, or a situation that may likely occur in the nearest feature, now there are two major things that are involved here and one among the two things is that there is a prospect or can as well be called point of view of something, the second thing involved is that the point of view will come from a direction.

So foreign currency outlook (forex c o), has to do with a mental attitude, just as we earlier said in the definition, that it is generally accepted with the economy of a country, and as such the value will not be the same, therefore a country’s own may in one way or the other bigger that the other countries own, so the perspective of what may likely happen in the exchange of this currencies is the forex currency outlook.

To further explain more, before there will be an exchange of money, first its value will or must be put in consideration, and the value of any currency is not permanent that is the values rises or fall in hourly, daily, monthly etc bases, so the situation at hand now will totally give clues of the situation in the nearest feature, and that is why as a business man you are bound to even loss your capital if you are not certain about the exchange rate, so if the rate to which an exchange is made today is 100 : 25, one should be able to think of what may likely happen in the next couple of days, that either it now becomes 100 : 15 or even 100 : 50.


Most business crash because of lack of plan, and a good business plan contains hundred percent currencies outlook, because the first thing you look out for in a business is ways of maximizing the profit and possibly minimizing the expenditure. So it helps make good business plan, it help make us understand when to invest or not, when to go ahead and buy and when to sell.

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