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In case of wordpress Forex websites, plugins and themes play a significant role in enticing one’s audience. Any FX website owner should make sure that their website consists of the appropriate content to draw attention from their end users. With so many sites already available and many more coming up, making one’s site appear a standout should be the aim of its owners. To hit the nail right on the head and reach out to a greater audience, here are 3 useful Forex wordpress plugin options to incorporate.

1.    Themes Exclusively Meant For Traders:

Themes are very important for any website. Be it for Forex trading or for some other service/product, the right theme entices the right amount of attention. Henceforth the first and foremost WD plugin FX site owners ought to adopt is a theme which is designed exclusively for FX traders/investors.

To know the right theme, one needs to check

•    If the theme is representing the background of their site in the most professional manner.

•    Whether the theme selected consists of a different header suite, that too with different colour display, layout options and home page content.

•    One should also check if the WD theme offers the right amount of compatibility with various types of mobile operating systems.

“The first impression is too often the last.”

2.    Forex Market Heat Map Plugins:

This is one of the most crucial Forex plugins Wordpress. This tool displays the entire world trading map and points out crucial details relevant to trading in contradictory to the US market. Each of the trading indices will be shown in various color options and that will make way for a better understanding of what is happening with a particular sect of the FX arcade.

This FX plugin also works wonderfully for stock markets and makes very less time to install. Plus it is quite easy to work with.

3.    Simply Currency Convertor Plugin: 

This is another crucial Forex WD plugin option which a site owner needs to incorporate into their set-up. Such plugins involve easy installations and present high degree of responsiveness with all 180 currencies available for FX trading. The features of this plugin can be implemented in WD for checking purposes.

On installing it, one would find a default currency set. One can easily enter the value of their preferable currency and convert their value. It can also be an additional widget anywhere on the website with simple customization for ease of usage.

How to get these themes?

There are numerous FX WD plugin downloading sites where one can get their preferable tool by a single click. All one needs to do is look up in their search engine, choose a site and simply download. 

There are some sites which also present a demo of plug-ins. To check how a particular plug-in functions, one can cater to a demo run.

These are surely among those 3 important Forex Wordpress plugin options which every FX site owner should incorporate. Just look for them online, install them and boost up the performance of one’s site.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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