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Professional forex strategy is about the use of price movement to make profit. To someone that does not know much about forex trading; this may sound so serious and only cut out for traders whose major source of income is from the forex market. However, it is not that serious. It is just any strategy that has been approved by one reputable trader or the other to be really good for trading the forex market – and yes, some strategies have been approved by some celebrated forex traders. However, traders that understand the forex market knows that in most cases, it does not help to want to trade like another person. This is because we are wired in different ways, see things from different point of view, and have different personalities; all of which affect how one trades. That notwithstanding, here are some of the strategies that has been approved by some professional forex traders.



The candlestick pattern strategy is one of the most famous forex strategies there is in the forex market. It can be used in a number of different ways to trade. It can be uses in combination with other trading tools like moving averages; it can be applied at key levels for higher probability to make profits. Many strategies have been developed with this strategy, and there are still more to come. It is also user friendly; therefore it can be used by newbies, or as a professional forex traders’ strategy.


A lot of professional forex traders make use of news in their strategies. News published about the economy of a nation, interest rate, rate of unemployment, etc, can affect how an affected commodity is traded in the forex market. Since this is the case, it makes sense to base a strategy on such news releases so as to have a good idea of what to do when they are published. Know that news can rapidly increase the volatility of the forex market, so it is really important to be fast in reacting to situations like that. A good number of professional forex strategies are based on news releases.


Many other forex professional trading strategies are solely about stochastics, or stochastics combined with other trading tools. The work of this indicator is to predict where a forex trend might be ending. This can give a trader some time ahead to make better trade plans/decisions, and most importantly, to avoid losses.

There are many other strategies that can be used to trade the forex market professionally as approved by reputable forex traders, but it is important that traders study them to see if they are good enough for them before going ahead to trade with them.

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