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A Forex profit system is a primary tool trader need to carry out their currency transactions. Other aspects that he/she requires are presence of mind, patience, and some dedication. There are several Forex profit systems which can be either purchased or downloaded for free. Some of the Forex profit system free download that is available for free download is:

1. Trend Runner – Trend Runner is a profit system based on swing trading. The time frame of this system is 4 hours. Its goal is to catch mid-term swings in the overall trend’s direction.

The system uses indicators like Support and Resistance (Barry), 200 SMA (Levels 50 & -50), and Supertrend.

2. Seagull System II - Seagull System II is a forex profit system free download that has a 4-hour timeframe and uses indicators like Exponential Moving Average, Supertrend (8 and 18), and Relative Strength Index (RSI).

When to buy – When Supertrend indicator or any one of the 4-hour charts changes from red to green and RSI is equal to or greater than 50

When to sell -  When Supertrend on any of the charts changes from green to red and RSI is equal to or below 49.9!

One can easily download this forex profit system zip file from the internet and by installing it into the system, start working on it.

3. Statistical London Breakout Strategy – This Forex profit system has a 1-hour time frame and is based on London time. It is useful for people who have a full-time job or live in any time-zones other than GMT.

4. CCI/Coral Breakout system – The CCI/Coral Breakout system is a Forex profit system free download that has a minimum time frame of 5 minutes. It consists of 2 main indicators: Coral setting 28 and Commodity Channel Index (CCI) setting 21, levels 0, 150 and -150.

5. Next Stop – The Next Stop Forex profit system uses indicators like RSI (26), Kijun-sen (52, shift 3), Trend Lines (S/R Levels), and Tenkan-sen (9, shift 0). The time frame this system uses are Daily, 1 Hour, and 4 Hour.

Some exit tactics of this system are:

  • When you hit the profit target

  • When you hit stop loss

  • When you hit trailing stop

  • When price crosses Kijun-sen in the opposite direction

6. Sproule System – The Sproule System is a Forex profit system free download that has a time frame of 1 hour and 100 EMA indicator.

When to buy – When current price is above the 100 EMA and the previous low is above the 100 EMA.

When to sell - When the current price is below the 100 EMA and the previous high is below the 100 EMA.

7. MACD (Addy) Divergence System – This Forex profit index uses MACD 12, 26, 9 9 (for spotting divergences) and Stochastic 14, 3, 3 indicators (for confirmation).

8. Trading the MACD – This free forex profit system uses 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, and daily time frames. It has MACD 12, 26, 1 and EMA 100 and 50 indicators.

These are some of the top Forex profit system free download options that a beginner can use to start trading. So start using these strategies properly and practice it with the help of a demo account.

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