Forex robot rating 2015

2015 saw multiple events that temporarily changed the Forex game. From the Eurasian Economic Union creating a coalition between Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and to the Greek government-debt crisis; 2015 was a year which saw several ups and downs that gave traders lots of opportunities as well as misfortunes.

This year also saw a massive use of Forex robots which performed favorably for newbie traders. Explaining briefly, a Forex robot is an expert advisor (EA) that does all the trading for the trader. Many a time, it also makes suggestions to the trader for better investments.

The following are the Forex robot rating 2015 that performed exceptionally in that year:

1. Steroid FX (Forex Steroid) 

Available for purchase online, Steroid FX operates on EUR/USD on 1-minute timeframes. Features like money management and balance defense makes this Forex robot one of the best rated EA. This robot also has a superior reward/risk analyzer that ascertains when to enter the market.

The Steroid FX has an account leverage of 1:500 and is available for purchase online for about $180.

2. Professional Trading Portfolio 

Another EA that made the Forex robot ratings is the Professional Trading Portfolio. It trades on the EUR/USD currency pair and on an 1-hour timeframe. Available at a whopping price of $1960, it has a 1:100 leverage while having the following features:

Manual Mode – For those traders who want to trade using their preferred settings.

Volatile adaptability – Can automatically update itself to adjust to market volatility.

Stop Loss – Automatically applies a stop loss for minimizing losses.

In addition to from MetaTrader 4, this robot works on other trading platforms like Metastock, TradeNavigator, TradeStation, and others.

3. BFS Trident Robot 

One free expert advisor that comes in Forex robot rating 2015 is the BFS Trident Robot. This robot and has a leverage of 1:500, trades over the EUR/USD currency pair and operates in the 5-minute timeframe.

Although coming out in 2015, this Forex robot was tested for almost a decade. It has a custom indicator called MSA developed by the company itself.

4. Taren Forex EA

Another expert advisor that makes its way to the Forex robots rating is the Taren Forex EA. This Forex robot uses specific algorithms to generate signals thereby having a high winning ratio. This robot works on EUR/USD as well as GBP/USD currency pairs. It trades on 30-minute timeframe and can be set up manually.

5. Xaron EA

Available at a price tag of $149, the Xaron EA Forex robot trades on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs and on the 5-minute timeframe. Users can manually adjust parameters in this robot like:

  • Trailing Stop

  • Lots

  • Trailing Step

  • Take Profit

  • Step Open Orders

  • Multiplier Lot

The above were a few EA that had the best Forex robot rating 2015. Experts speculate that in 2018 the Forex robots that might provide the best returns are Forex Testosterone TSFX, WallStreet Forex Robot, and Forex Earth Robot.

So, to instigate your investment career, contact a reliable broker and start trading today!

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