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Have you ever wondered what it will be like to trade with a partner who is smarter, unemotional and logical, always disposed, and responds to opportunities faster than you or anyone you know; and despite all these, transfer all the profit to your account without asking for a percentage?


Forex server is a trading software application programmed to carry out trading functions without the presence of the traders based on some programmed parameters queued into the system by the trader.


This trading tool works by analyzing the currency price charts and many other market activities like identifying signals which includes: price trends, news that may impact the market and spread discrepancies and locating potential profitable currency pair trade. The major advantage of automated forex server is that it trades without emotional influences based on trading parameters established; something forex traders of all levels find difficult to master.


  1. Minimize Emotions: It removes the disadvantage of trading based on emotions, as it just stick to the plans, and for traders who are always afraid to take risk, this is also beneficial.

  2. Back testing ability: Back testing is the act of checking the history of a trade to determine the viability of an idea, and the ability to back test is possible while using it. The advantage of back testing is it minimizes risk of losing in a trade as a trader can easily confirm trade expectancy.

  3. Maintained discipline: It also maintains discipline as the trade is carried out without emotions and psychological influence. The trade is just carried out based on the stick to the rules principle. This can help an investor notably.

  4. Increases the scope of trading: A trader can enjoy the advantage of having multiple accounts and strategies simultaneously, as this create a hedge against making loses in trading, the computer also accurately monitors diverse market and trades.

  5. Improved speed of order entry: in forex trading the speed of entry is important as a delay can be disastrous; using forex server can improve the speed as computer just responds to a trade as fast as it meets the criteria.

  6. Guaranteed consistency: it may be a difficult task but sticking to an already established and efficient forex trading plan helps a lot in forex trading. The human nature, at times, makes it hard for one to adopt a consistent trade pattern, but with automated forex server, one can trade without any emotions and with consistency too.


Automatic trading with forex server is beneficial, but it doesn't rule out the importance of proper analysis as things like mechanical error can happen so supervision is also important.

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