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Forex servers are virtual private server services offered by most companies that operate on a 24 hr basis to deliver fast Internet connection to its subscribers. It works on the Meta trader 4 trading platform and is readily available online. These servers are sometimes most purely used only for forex trading exclusively. These servers are connected to Web hot which is usually prepaid and then used for trading positions in the forex market. These servers are quite very much encrypted with 12 bits codes that are highly unbreakable. These servers are used to carry out trading positions and as such if there are no plans a trader could lose all his investments. This servers are designed to deliver fast speed Internet access that runs a 10mbps speed rate, has unlimited plans of 1024mb (1 GB) of data. These servers are quite handled by Web host companies.


There are many different Web hosting industries out there that promise secured Internet access and all but there are few of them that actually deliver on this fast Internet. They include the following;

  1. The fozzy Inc:  The fozzy Inc is a well known brand of Web host that actually delivers on said goes and thus is outstanding in delivery highly encrypted real-time data to its consumers. The fozzy is situated in 3 basic countries that are the United States of America, Netherlands and Asia. They take their customer care support very serious. They erect strong optic fibers for better data transmissions so of which are off shore. The main goal of the fozzy Inc is to offer good transfer rate of data to their core consumers. They offer unlimited plans of 1024mb (1 GB) with additional disk space etc

  2. Cloud based VPS: As the name implies cloud it doesn't mean that data are stored in the cloud but they rather store their data traditionally and is highly secured. The cloud based has offices all over the United States of America and has strong presence globally. The Chicago VPS is quite the most popular amongst them all.


This equipments(servers) are readily available online and they are quite expensive but it's isn't how much you spend on buying this that matters but how  much is going to fetch you that truly counts. The different companies provide their clients with mouth-watering options of paying for these services at the comfort of their homes. These different avenues of purchasing these equipments are;

  1. Via PayPal

  2. Via mobile device

  3. Via credit/debit cards

  4. Via bank transfers


The servers have many benefits and they could be likened to the EA but are more advanced. The VPS (virtual private sector) has many advantages and they could include any of the following;

The server enables user to trade just anywhere: VPS allows the trader to trader anywhere as long as there's network connection not the constraints posed by using desktop, pc

The servers enables the user to trade even when there's power outage: When the traders pc/ desktop computer is not powered then there's problem but with the advent of VPS this problems are averted

The servers enable the trader to trade 24hrs per day: VPS allows the trader to carry trading positions 24hrs per day even while sleeping

The server offers High security programs: VPS contains in built antivirus if they aren't pre installed then it's advisable the trader installs antivirus to eliminate bugs and errors

The servers helps reduce slippages that would normally occurs if using pc

It conducts configuration of fail over

High availability of systems to make sure of continuing of hosted applications

The servers enable the trader to have p- tier data networks and connectivity without setting them


Anything with advantage tends to also have its disadvantages. The cons of using VPS include the following;

  1. Servers  works on the traders tight spread

2. The servers needs network connection at all times to work

3. it’s quite difficult to set up a server that meets the demands of the market

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