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There are numerous Fx trading platforms which are available in the cyber realm. Hence, for a newbie, finding one which is good and reputable can prove to be a daunting affair. There are however a few characteristics which distinguish their stature of bringing really good Forex sites. 

Take a glance at those distinguishing features.

1.    A Top Class Trading Platform with Demo Accounts

The primary characteristic of Forex sites best is availability of a great trading terminal. This is the medium via which traders will be conducting their trade tasks. The best trading websites, also known as brokers ensure that their terminal incorporates

•    Top technical market analysis tools.

•    Simplicity in managing their accounts.

•    Safety and security of their account details.

•    Economic calendars for analyzing crucial market fundamentals.

•    Push notifications and smartphone integration.

•    Demo trading accounts for strategy testing and perfecting.

Another thing, the best Forex websites (at least 8 out of 10) will provide MetaTrader terminals for trading conveniences. It is one of the best trading terminals even in present times and it incorporates all these afore features along with many more.

2.    Trader-Tastic Accounts

Good Forex sites always ensure that the trading account presentable to new their traders include crucial trading specifics. Those include

•    The spread which is offered.

•    Minimum deposition for a new trader to sign up.

•    Realistic trading leverage.

•    A particular lot size in which a trader can do their trade operations.

3.    Impressive Financial Support

The best FX sites in the market will also have a sound financial backing or for that matter an impressive asset base. 

•    They assure traders that all their funds are safe and secure with them. 

•    Plus that they are not going to become insolvent any time soon.

4.    Round The Clock Customer/Technical Support

Forex is a venture which is operational day and night. Right from Sunday night at the start of Sydney session to the closing of New York session which closes Friday evening, trading is comprehensively done. 

For a market which can be denoted as round the clock active, traders at some point of their trading will need backing from their Forex site. Be it for some query clarifications or technical assistance if their platform bogs down.

This is another hallmark of a top end Forex website and safe, their consistent customer/technical support.

5.    Booming Bonus Offers

Lastly, bonuses are like investor magnets. What started off as a marketing stunt has transformed the operational dimension of online brokers.  A good Forex website will offer impressive bonus offers.

•    No deposit bonus.

•    Pips back plan.

•    Prospects of profit procurement almost 200 times the investment.

These are just some icing on the bonus cake which top notch Forex websites make accessible to every new trader wanting to sign up.

As a neophyte, these characteristics should distinguish good Forex sites from average ones. For those searching online for consideration pointers, as the first step to their currency trading vocation should search for sites having such features. So, start searching for a notable broker/website to trade Forex keeping these aspects in mind. The task will simplify automatically.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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