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Forex start up bonus is many things at once, including one of the justifications that forex trading is real and not a scam as some people may like to think. There has been so much contradiction about forex trading. A lot of people have been in and out of the market with little or nothing to show for it, many were victims of one automated trading robot or the other falsely advertised to make money for the owner while the owner is asleep, and there is the fact that the success rate in the forex market is just about 10%. This is a market that accounts for trillions of dollars on a daily basis and the largest market in the world. Why then does it seem like it cannot take a good number of its traders, say 90%, and make them all successful forex traders.


There are many things a trader can do to try to make things right as a forex trader, which included making the best at the beginning level. This is the time when a trader should consciously be mindless of profits and focus on skill development and experience. The trader has to research extensively, practice what has been researched, while applying intuition in the right places.

Another good thing an investor can do to help in the development of a good trading foundation is to grab the bonuses being offered by the forex broker he or she is signed up with. “What if my forex broker does not offer any bonuses?” someone might ask. When it is being said that the forex market is the biggest market in the whole wide world, it means it has the largest number of everything – money flow, traders, brokers, risks, as well as (wait for it…) competitions. When there is fierce competition among brokers, there is constant battle for clients. So, all brokers (if not all), offer their clients bonuses as a way of matching up with their competitors and attracting as much clients as possible.


There are different types of bonuses a trader can enjoy. The most popular ones are usually the start up bonuses; the types that a trader enjoys upon registration. Some brokers offer money that can only be trades with once the trader makes some deposit of a certain amount or more. The money offered differs from one broker to the other, cannot be withdrawn, and can only be traded with once the trader activates it by making some deposit.

To access the bonus, the basic thing to do is to register with the broker and apply for it. With some brokers, the bonus comes automatically once the necessary requirements have been fulfilled, while some others takes some process before the bonus can be accessed.

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