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Profiting from foreign exchange is all about going forward with investments as per proper technical analysis after understanding market conditions and trends. For a beginner, there are numerous pointers which they need to understand and then apply to be able to come up with proper trades and profits. Comprehending the basics of a Forex Stop Level is one of the building blocks to having a professional foreign exchange trading setup.

Different Types of Forex Stop Level:

To be precise, stop level in foreign exchange refers directly to Stop Loss. This is a type of order vital for limiting losses in Foreign exchange. A pointer worth consideration for a beginner like you, risks and subsequent losses are part and parcel of trading in this financial market. The best mindset which you can have and garner are to minimize losses to maximize profits and not just go for profits alone.

Coming to the point again, the Stop Loss Order places itself below the entry point. This is a price quote at below your entry level where your currency will sell out if the price falls to it. Limiting and avoiding losses is where this order comes in handy.

But this is just one format of stop orders. There is another variant to this order, known as the trailing stop. Unlike a commonplace stop order quote which stays at its quote, trailing stop orders fluctuate as per current market trends. 

You can fix your trailing stop order a certain pips below running price trends. Although serving the same function, there are certain benefits to this type of stop loss.

Conceptualizing Using Stop Loss orders:

An example will help you in getting a proper idea on the concept of using these orders. Consider that you’re entering into an EUR USD transaction at 1.0152 with exits at 1.0160. 
Taking the fixed stop order first. You put it at 1.0149. This way, if the market goes bearish unexpectedly, you’re security or trade will sell off at 1.0149. This is a loss. But it’s in all probability a lesser loss considering that the market goes onto hit a 1.0143. But there’s another possibility in the midst. 

What if the market drops to a 1.0148 only to rise again to a 1.0163? If it comes to this situation you’re losing out big in a trade instead of profits even though you’re actual technical analysis was properly in place first time out.

This is just where Forex stops level like a trailing stop comes into the picture. Taking the previous trade as an example, you’re trailing stop is 3 pips below the current market quote. So even if the price hits 1.0148, you’re stop loss is 3 pips below. Assign a final threshold value for stopping as per historical assessment of the range of price action which this trade undergoes.

These are just some of the basics which you need to keep in mind before going for live trading. Your Forex stop level depends completely on prevailing market situations. Practice these stops on demo accounts first before going live with them.

Happy Trading!

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