Forex strategies 2015

This is actually a very short story of how a certain trader started recording successful trades since 2015 after making a simple but life changing discovery.

Once upon a time, there was a dutiful forex trader, who failed woefully in most forex transactions he ever carried out. This went on for a really long while, long enough to make any other person in his predicament want to quit foreign exchange business, but he held on. He kept trying many different forex strategies, all to no avail. Initially, he would trade his live account with these strategies without first testing them on a demo trading platform. After he learnt what a terrible mistake that is, he started testing any strategy he intends to trade with on a demo platform first. He thought it was a waste of time, but he came to learn a thing or two from demo trading, which helped him as a forex trader. But even that did not give him the breakthrough he needed; there were still losses and little profits.

One day, he decided to put active trading aside, go into research as to how best to trade the forex market profitably; that was in the year 2015. The fact was that he went into trading without proper preparation, and while he traded, he did not communicate enough with other forex traders to learn what they are up to and share experience with them, and he suffered for all that. This research went ahead for a while, and in all his efforts, he came to discover that the only thing that can ever make him successful in forex trading was to pick a particular trading strategy, resolve to learn everything about it, and then perfect it. Knowing the intricacies in a strategy is the only way one can effectively trade with such strategy and make good profits from it. Being that he made his discovery in the year 2015, he decided to write to share his story with the world, and he titled it “forex strategies 2015”.

He also pointed out that no matter what strategy one decides to trade with, it is important to

1.    Make sure the strategy suits your personality and trading style, otherwise, it is best to develop one from scratch

2.    Show some commitments to trading the forex market

3.    Get continuous forex trading education so long as you are a forex trader

4.    Set your priorities right; and do not forget to prioritize your health

5.    Always take the advantage that demo trading platforms have to offer

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