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Foreign exchange THV is a free manual trading strategy that was developed to help forex traders in their endeavours in the forex market. It was originally designed for scalping (trading on smaller time-frames), although some traders successfully use it on larger time-frames. It can be applied to any trading instrument, but since it is a scalping strategy the better results are carried out on currency pairs with smaller spreads.Scalping is basically on M1 and M5 for some time used by traders worldwide. Forex THV has proven its accuracy and reliability for intra-day trades over the years.


Every trader and broker has a common cycle in the forex market where activities filled with fluctuations are revolved. This cycle starts with a demo account, purchase on price increase and sell at price drop – the fluctuations. At start up, things become somewhat perfect. Indicators and charts float around when a real account is opened. Charts become full of indicators that there is no more room or space on your charts. On opening a position with real money difficulty is experienced. Most times close of trade with little or no profits are experienced where it can be closed earlier. This is due to lack of certain rules and strategies. Depreciation is inevitable!

Depreciation and account melt down can be avoided. It can be avoided by waiting patiently – right time, and being consistent with your strategy. There is no magic here. Market should be well studied to determine the possibilities of success at any point in time. Anyways magic is seen when the patience and right strategies are applied.


These unique properties of the THV are necessary and important for its identification from the pool of EA systems in forex market. Forex THV is seen as various strategies, timeframe, currency pair, and broker. These characteristics include and not limited to these;

  1. Strategy type: Scalping

  2. Platform: Metatrader 4

  3. Currency pair: Preferably any quick couple

  4. Timeframe: M1 and M5

  5. Recommended Broker: LiteForex


Just like other ventures, the forex THV has rules guiding its operations. These rules are simple to keep and are very important for profit making in trading Forex. They include;

    1. If the price is beyond coral just buy don’t sell

    2. If the price is below then sell

    3. When fast line crosses the Trix up to bottom the sell

    4. When fast line crosses the Trix down to up then buy

    5. Open an order when price has recently retired to Ichimoku cloud.

    6. Ensure that you filter using the filter tool to open positions

    7. Trade with market volume in mind. Enter trade in high volume and don’t enter on low volumes.


One cannot actually appreciate the beauty of using this free EA if he has no access to it. This is a simple guide to acquiring the Forex THV. Why not follow the steps?

  1. Download Forex THV zip

  2. Make copies of MQ4 and EX4 files to your MT directory which is the platform

  3. Copy TPL files as well

  4. Restart your MT client

  5. Test your Forex strategy on a selected chart and Timeframe

  6. Right click on Trading chart

  7. Click on Forex THV scalping strategy

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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