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A forex trader is a trading software application, a robot to be specific, which generates trading signals for traders to make use of while trading the forex market. It can be simply installed on a forex chart through the trading platform, and it is good to go. What is a forex signal and why do traders need it to do well in the market?


Forex signals are simply suggestions for entering a currency exchange trade. These suggestions are made by human analysts or a trading robot designed to do so. All traders in the forex market are well aware of the fact that price and time are of utmost importance in every transaction, and every moment through it. Of course, these signals run in real time, and to develop one, a lot of things has to be put into consideration. The method of finding a reliable forex signal is pretty sort of straight forward, which is why it can be programmed to run as a program like the forex tracer.


Seeing that there are already a lot of signal generating tools out there, what is it about the forex tracer that makes it stand out from the rest?

1.    The forex tracer is for intraday trading

2.    It is easy to use

3.    It has a pretty GUI that communicates effectively with the users through sounds and visuals

4.    It is unique in the sense that it does not repaint, unlike many other repainting indicators

5.    It has a record history of over 90% winning trades according to reviews

6.    The forex tracer has been adjusted to suit certain specifications. So traders should find out what works and trade with it without making any adjustments to the settings.


It is true that this robot has got wonderful reviews, but it is important to note that it has gotten negative reviews too. From what could be gathered, it was discovered that those who did not stick to the terms and condition of use of the forex tracer mostly got bad results from using it. This is why it is important to test this tool or any other in a demo trade before using them in real trades. This will help the user understand more about the product, and see if it is compatible with his or her trading strategy.

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