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Basically, forex charts are found on the web of various forex sites, usually run by any of the following; forex trader/investor, broker, enthusiast, analysts, etc. It is not surprising that there are a lot of people who want to be heard regarding the issues of forex trading since it is really lucrative. As a matter of fact, it is on indisputable record that the forex market trades a volume of over 5 trillion dollars, a whole lot of money if you ask me. That is why it comes as a shock to know that more than 90% of investments made in the currency exchange business come out unsuccessful. It is natural to think that with that amount of money being traded in the market on a daily basis, there is enough for everyone, but that is not the case. That notwithstanding, forex investment is a lucrative one, all things being equal.


If the forex market is so lucrative and really volatile, why then is the rate of success so low? One of the reasons the rate of success is considerably low compared to the rate of failure is as a result of lack of research on the path of the traders; ignorance, to put it simply. To make good profits in forex trading, investors need to understand what commodity should be traded and when to invest in it. So, there are times one should invest in a particular currency pair and there are times to avoid trading that particular currency pair and go for something else with a promising potential.

Asides lack of good knowledge on how to trade the forex market, another reason there is not much success rate in the forex market is because many traders do not know the right functionality of trading tools used in trading the forex market. Take the use of a forex chart as an instance. The information displayed therein may be simple but it goes a long way to help traders make the right trade decisions when necessary. With a forex web chart, a trader is expected to be clear about what time frame being traded with regards to the type of trader in question. An active trader who trades a lot of minutes-long trades will need a chart to show the price of the commodity being considered in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

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