Futures forex quotes

Futures forex quotes can be defined as transferable future quotes that identify and generate prices in a forex chart at which a particular currency pair can be sold or bought at a specific future date. These future forex quotes denotes currency futures which are legally binding and if forex traders still in hold of the contract at the end of the termination date must have to trade the currency pair at a particular price on the expected delivery date.

A futures quote is the latest price at which a currency pair can be traded which means that it is the furthermost current price on which a forex trader either a buyer or a seller decides on the particular amount to trade a currency pair.


months    options    last    Change    Prior settle    open    high    low    volume    Hi/low limit    updates

NOV 2019    OPT    173.025    +0.335    177.800    175.400    173.273    163.400    27560    173.700/163.800    16.31.50 CT 07 November 2019

DEC 2019    OPT    I69.350    -0.035    169.375    164.500    168.400    166.400    17028    171.367/165.500    16.32.50 CT 06 December 2019


OPEN: open can be defined as the opening price of the specific currency.

HIGH: this can be defined as the high price of the currency over the sequence of the trading section.

LOW: low as a parameter of the future forex quote chart can be defined as the low price for the currency over the period of the trading section.

SETTLE: this can be defined as the closing price which is seen at the end of the trading section.

CHANGE: change can be defined as the change seen between the closing price at the termination of the transaction section and the closing price of the earlier trading section.

LIFETIME HIGH AND LOW: this can be defined as the highest and lowest prices that the currency has ever been traded since the inception of the trade.

OPEN INTEREST: this can be defined as the quantity of currency’s open position. One open trading position consists of a buyer and a seller of a currency engaged together. This concept is simple based on the fact that a future currency trading cannot hold if both the buyer and seller are absent.


The main advantages of using a futures forex quote chart for forex trading is that the future currencies generated by the quote charts have very low margins. Based on the fact that these currencies are on exchange, they have the ability to reduce counter party risks. Another advantage is that the cost of trading these future currencies is low compared to other forms of trading.

In conclusion, forex traders who use the futures forex quotes have a greater opportunity and benefit of being in possession of the latest data which is obtained directly from the exchanges in other to determine how the trading section ended. 

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