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Visual private server (VPS) is a tool that is designed for the flexibility, security and reliability of traders. It runs independently of a trader’s computer and keeps the traders online 24/7 despite power outage or internet connection failure thereby increasing the changes of responding to an opportunity before it leaves the market. But like the saying goes whatever is worth doing is Worth doing well, here are some guidelines to help a trader choose a good forex VPS.



While picking a forex VPS it is important to look out for a data center close to your geographical location as that implies a faster order execution which reduces  slippage, and is one of the core of using a forex VPS in trading.


A good FOREX VPS is supposed to run 24/7 without interruption and be operating problems free, here are some things to look out for when determining the quality of a VPS:

  • The quality and power of the hardware: it is important to look out for a VPS which provides enough resources when picking a VPS, resources like memory, a good forex VPS should run up to 3 or more meta trader terminals on a 1GB RAM

  • Operating system: when picking a forex VPS it is important to consider the OS, as it determine the speed, reliability and stability of a forex VPS.

  • Power: a good forex VPS should guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.

  • Data backup: It is advised to find out the speed and accuracy of data backup in the computer.


The truth is something might definitely go wrong and it is the speed of fixing it that determine the quality of the forex VPS, to fix the problem the forex VPS should provide a competent, reliable, accurate and fast support service. To determine a forex VPS with such support service prior to the problem, the trader is advised to ask technical questions to the provider’s support team and also get information from people even on online platforms on the reliability of a VPS support service.


Latency is a measure of the speed at which forex trading decisions are carried out, so it is advised to choose a VPS with the lowest latency which implies a high speed of transmission of order to a broker's trading system, a traders minimizes slippage and profit.


Price is always the final thing to consider about a VPS as cheap forex VPS most times causes great lost in trading, so after the major criteria has been met, one can now reflect on the price difference between the VPSs that meets the criteria.


The introduction of Forex VPS has revolutionized Forex trading drastically with its advantages like, constant power supply, prevention of connection failure, ability to trade from anywhere at any time and more. But despite how advantageous trading with forex VPS can be it is useless if it is done with a bad VPS, so it is important to understand and apply these criteria and choose properly to minimize lost.

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