How to sell a forex system

There are many ways of making money from the forex market, one of which is selling a forex system. A trader who has so much confidence in his trading system can sell it to other traders and make good money out of it. First of all, let us take this whole “forex system” thingy from the beginning and then go from there to how one can sell his or her forex system. We will cover the following

  1. What is a forex system?

  2. When can you sell your forex system?

  3. How can you sell you forex system?

  4. Where can your forex system?

The article focal points above are enough basics for anyone who wants to know how to sell a forex system.


A forex system is simply a trading strategy, a method of trading forex that is unique to a trader based on series of analyses on whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a given time. The term “unique” in the definition has to do with the personality of the trader, which is very important in determining what forex system to trade with, amidst other things.


A trader can sell a forex trading system only when he or she has good confidence in the system after trading with it for an extended period of time, and has made good profits from it. The trader has to know the intricacies of the system to be sold, and as such, be able to answer all the questions prospective buyers may ask about it.


Selling a forex system is simply the provision of trading signal service to other forex traders. The signal provider lets other traders copy trades from him or her for a monthly fee. So, the answer to the question about how to sell a trading system has to do with signal provision. The signal provider also has to know what kind of information people look for buying signals in order to make a good first contact.


A trader that has a good system he or she is confident in can sell this system to make more money on forex sites that allow copy trading. If the provider’s current site does not allow copy trading, he or she may have to change to a site that allows that. If the trader does not want to change to a different site/ trading platform, there is another option of opening a website for the purpose of signal provision.

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