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Singapore investment platforms are Platforms provides bespoke investment platform solutions for investors to all of invest and earn. The past decade has seen Singapore emerge as an asset management gateway to Asia for fund managers. Such emergence is underpinned by an excellent financial, legal and regulatory infrastructure, coupled with an extensive trade, investment and tax treaty network. For example, fund managers enjoy, amongst other things, attractive tax incentives for setting up operations in Singapore.


Some amazing figures can be gotten from the 2015 Singapore asset management survey conducted by the monetary authority of Singapore (mass) which indicates how the country is moving forward.

  • Singapore’s assets under management (aim) rose to s$2.6 trillion in 2015, a whopping  9% increase year-on-year and almost times two of  the aim from 2010 ($1.35 trillion)

  • Up to 80% of the total aim is gotten from outside of Singapore, and 68% of the grand total aim is invested in the Asia-pacific market.

  • a total of 628 fund managers are registered or certified with the MAS

  • private equity/venture capital and real estate spearheaded the increase in alternative aim expansion for 2015



This is good for investors who do not want to take much risk, but want to earn a good return. As an investor who hates to take any risk, or you want to part with a little money, then the Singapore savings bonds (SSB) is the perfect product that you can invest in. the bonds, is backed by the Singapore government.


Great for investors who want higher returns with low risk and can wait till retirement before cashing out.  It gives many people the chance to plan for their retirement in Singapore without taking any risk. The interest is 2.44% per annum (over 10 years)


For investors who desire higher returns but low risk, it offers the flexibility of using it for the future. For those of you, who do not know, think of a bond as money you lend to a company or firm in return for interest. Most people would want to lend only to trustworthy companies.


If you are one of those who follow business news and worry how you can eat from the stock exchange return being noised about, then you need not look any further than the straits times’ index (STI) exchange traded fund (ETF). This was created to reflect the performance of the biggest stocks on the Singapore exchange (SGX). The best thing about the STI is that it is self-selecting. Firms that are bigger and better will automatically replace companies that underperform.


In Singapore, it is not difficult to see people who love investing in properties. Whether it’s your recently married friend who bought a flat as an investment, or your uncle whom is a self-proclaimed property tycoon owning multiple condominium units around. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) offer the best way for small investors to get into the action. Investors can find different types of REITs.

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