Most successful forex strategies

With many forex strategies in the market, it is actually confusing as to which one to trade with. Some traders simply jump from one strategy to the other without actually calming down to understand what is involved in trading with them. Here are the top five strategies in the forex market guaranteed to work for anyone that is willing to take quality time and patience to make it work.


This is one of the best strategies in the forex market, and a lot of professional traders attest to the fact that it is good. It makes use of pure price actions to find entries; with the help of candlesticks, round numbers, pivot point, support and resistance level. It can be used to trade most currency pairs and time frames, and can be used together with the on-chart indicator for a more specific result.


This is another one of the top five forex strategies to try out. It helps traders to identify key candlestick patterns and define the right time to enter a trade. In addition to all other features of this strategy are the support and resistance lines to monitor price movement.


The third of the list of the top five forex strategies is the 10 pips a day forex scalping strategy. Scalping is a generally accepted trading method, good for even beginners. Note that this method of trading may be slow, but it definitely brings in goodies at the end of the day.


This strategy used the standard fibonacci retracement in confluence with the daily pivot levels with the aim to get the perfect trade entries possible. There are different parameters in the fibonacci levels and the work differently for different people. Try them out to see what works best starting with the 38% or 50% fibonacci levels. A suggested interpretation to this strategy is to look for an entry on a pair, where the average true range in the period of the past five days is more than the trading session of the previous day, and then draw fibs at the start of the session.


One thing about the concept of this strategy is that it is simple and easy to follow. It is not surprising that it is one of the top five forex strategies that there is. Once the right set up is in place, the entry mode is pretty straightforward and the exit options too.

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