No loss forex strategies

No loss forex strategy is a very low risk and simple strategy that guarantees a consistent result, but the truth is that even though it gives consistent results over some period, it can never remain a win-win situation. There is no strategy that is fully a no loss method. The forex market has no short cuts; it is hard and smart work put together or nothing. What is possible and does exist is a strategy to have a high win ratio. This is not something that can be easily copied because it is a product of effort, experience and hard work. What a beginner can do is experiment and find what works for him or her.

Only starters into the forex market would fall for a no loss strategy because from experience the established ones know that there is no such thing. There are many forex strategies to choose from. Also the trader is free to try out a combination of strategies until he is well established in the market to make informed choices about entry and exit strategies.


There is always a demand for quick fixes but it is not always sustainable. Forex is systematic and the new trader must go through the learning curve and climb the ropes.
The reasons a no loss forex strategy does not work include


The reality is that forex depends on a lot of factors such as interest rates, government policy, investors’ reactions to world events and many other things. At any point in time there is often a complex interplay between these factors making it near impossible to predict accurately the exact direction of the market. The road is long and tedious but well worth it.


One natural result that arises from the fact that the forex market is under the influence of so many forces is it stark unpredictability. There a lot of software designed to make sense of the market. Most of them are useless to newbies because there is always an assumption that certain skills and expertise have been acquired by the trader.


Forex is a high emotion activity and emotion do not tally with a cool calculated logic which forex so often requires and this is why a strategy is needed in the first place, without one it becomes a game of trial and effort control majorly by the emotions.

The result of the effort put into forex trading may take a while to show, but it eventually does and before that period there is usually the temptation for new comers to seek a no loss strategy, right before they have understood the basics and known   how forex works.

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