Nzd/usd technical analysis

Technical analysis is simply how prices in the forex market behave through the study of periodic charts of price movements in the market. This analysis is done through the research of past data and behavioral patterns. The NZD/USD is popularly known as kiwi and is among popular security used by the traders in the market. The NZD/USD is popularly known as kiwi, and it tends to show the traders how many US dollars required to buy one New Zealand Dollar. The NZD like the Canadian dollar (CAD) and Australian dollar (AUD) is a commodity whose country's export is largely on raw materials (oils, limestone, metals) and other forms like agriculture.


Throughout the history of the NZD and USD there have been times when the commodity recorded high and low points. These periods are recorded and displayed here, they are;

  • All time records:

Maximum: 5/11/1975 @ 1.49

Minimum: 16/10/2000 @ 0.3962

  • Last 12 months: (March 2016-march 2017)

Maximum: 07/09/2016 @ 0.74854

Minimum: 20/01/2016 @ 0.63478

  • Last 5 years:    (March 2011-March 2016

Maximum: 10/07/2014 @ 0.88360

Minimum: 20/08/2015 @ 0.65794


There are various organizations that can determine the price movements in dollar and the New Zealand Dollar. They are the combinations of the following;

  1. The Reserve bank of New Zealand: This is the central bank of New Zealand. They are charged with the responsibility of issuing statements and take decisions on the interest rate of the country. It's headed by Graeme wheeler

  2. The New Zealand government: It's headed by the prime minister in the person of Bill English and ministry of business innovation and employment  (MBIE) governed by Simon bridges execute fiscal policy for the economy of new Zealand

  3. The U.S government : The president of the United state Donald Trump is the leader of the free world and he takes decisions, conduct fiscal policy adjustments and can increase or decrease the USD through statements and influences the worth USD against the currency it's traded against.

  4. The Fed:  it's mnemonic of the Federal Reserve. It's the central bank of the free world and also takes monetary policies, conduct fiscal policy adjustments. It's headed by Janet yellen. It controls reserves of foreign security of the U.S government.

  5. Asia-pacific economic corporation: It's joint body of 21 Pacific main member economies that involves traders throughout the Asia Pacific Ocean.


There are things that every trader should be keen on. This may be useful in knowing the best way to trade. They include;

  • Commodities

  • Currency

  • Indices

  • Bonds

Every trader should also be keen on the following;

  • GDP

  • Inflation

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