WebMoney provides fast and secure money withdrawals. You can convert WebMoney into cash, transfer funds to other accounts within the system, purchase goods from Internet stores, and pay your bills. This payment system allows funds to be withdrawn to bank accounts and Western Union transfers (USD). WebMoney can also be converted to other payment system currencies by means of the available electronic currency converters.

Deposit by WebMoney
WebMoney Min. amount: $10
Fee: 3.8%
only system fee Responsibility disclosure

QIWI purse - is an easy and convenient way to transfer money. You can open QIWI purse through the Internet or via payment terminal. Your purse will be connected to the active mobile phone which you specify upon registration. Users of the QIWI purse also have a chance to register their bank card in the system. Transaction processing is made via the Center of Reception of Payments Free-Kassa (?)

Deposit by QIWI
Qiwi Min. amount; $10
Fee: 4.5%

The Neteller e-payment system allows you to top up instantly your trading account and withdraw profits from anywhere in the world. It currently supports 18 currencies and operates in over 200 countries. The system is easy to use and it sticks to highest security and confidentiality standards, as it is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations for the issuing of electronic money. Furthermore, clients having an account with Neteller may access the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard which allows for cashing out their profits easily.

Deposit by Neteller
Neteller Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0%

Skrill payment system enables Credit Card holders to instantly transfer funds all over the world. To deposit funds to your trading account through the Skrill payment system, you must have an account with Skrill, otherwise please get your Credit Card and Mobile Phone ready. At the next step you will be asked to specify which currency and amount of funds you wish to transfer to your trading account, after that you will be forwarded to the Skrill payment gateway and the funds paid will be immediately available for your use.

Deposit by Skrill

Moneta.ru - is a convenient and reliable payment system aggregator. This is a billing company, which has already gained a reputation of an excellent device of electronic trading. A new aggregator enables LiteForex clients to top up their accounts using the following systems: Alipay, Sberbank, Alfabank, Russian standard and Promsvyazbank. Along with this, it is now possible to deposit accounts through the mobile operators, such as Megafon, Tele2, Beeline, Rostelecom and Yutel.

Deposit by Moneta.ru
Moneta.ru Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0%

The payment system OKPAY provides varied choice of assets deposit and withdrawal. The system offers the following ways of OKPAY accounts deposits and withdrawals: bank remittance, electronic currency, certified exchange partners. Bank remittance is the safest way with the help of which OKPAY clients receive money in the shortest possible time. With the help of electronic transfers you can top up your account with different electronic currencies. The internal assets transfer is FREE!

Deposit by OKPay
Okpay Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0%
incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount
additional system fee 0!

Perfect Money payment system is a simple and convenient way to carry out P2P and P2B payments. Money can be deposited in the following ways: bank remittance, electronic money or exchange offices- partners. Money is deposited to the account, no matter the currency type. Commission for the internal assets transfer amounts to 0.5%.

Deposit by PerfectMoney
Perfect Money Min. amount: $10
Fee: 1.99%
incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

Boleto Bancario is a unique payment system operating only in Brazil. When depositing by means of this system, the client receives a document with a unique bar code which he uses as a bill for services. This bill with a unique bar code can be printed and paid in any authorized establishment such as bank branches and lottery kiosks, or by use of ATMs or the Internet Banking system. Funds will be deposited into the account within 24 working hours after the Boleto has been paid. For customers using Boleto for deposits, the withdrawal of the deposited amount is available through the payment system TBL. Profits can be withdrawn to Skrill.

Deposit by Boleto Bancario
Boleto Bancario Min. amount: $10
Fee: depends on your

TBL is available in such countries of Latin America as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina. The operation of this payment system resembles much a bank transfer, i.e., the client only needs to indicate his bank details when depositing in his trading account via TBL. After that you’ll need to make a payment through your bank using the payment details that you got on the TBL site when submitting a deposit request. The funds will be paid into your account within 20 minutes after you made the payment.

Deposit by Transferencia Bancaria Local
TBL Min. amount: $10
Fee: depends on your

W1 combines successfully the advantages of various payment systems and has a number of unique advantages as well. Deposits via Wallet One can be made by clients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South Africa and the USA. A variety of payment terminals in these countries allow fee-free payments. To register a W1 is easy: just enter your mobile phone number on the site of Wallet One and you will immediately get an SMS with your wallet number and password. The clients using this system for deposits can withdraw funds via OKpay wallets.

Deposit by W1
Wallet one Min. amount: $10
Fee: 3%
only system fee

Although quite young, the AliPay payment system, a product of the Alibaba group of companies, has already gained the confidence of over 200 million users and ranked in the TOP ten payment systems in the world. AliPay has been successfully co-working with 65 financial organizations, and the services provided are similar to WebMoney or Qiwi. High execution speed, user friendliness and an opportunity to link a bank card to the profile make AliPay operations comfortable and safe. Once the identification information confirmed, an AliPay user enjoys larger opportunities and increased transaction limits.

Deposit by Alipay
Alipay Min. amount: $10
Fee: 3.5%

The Payeer payment system was set up in 2012. A simple registration procedure and no mandatory verification make it stand out from other e-wallets. Internationally licensed, Payeer offers payment services, domestic and international transfers, online purchases and currency exchanges right within users' profiles. To register in the system, only an email address, a password and a phone number are required. Payeer cooperates with a variety of banks and payment systems, which makes money withdrawals much easier.

Deposit by Payeer
Payeer Min. amount: $10
Fee: 10%

Bank Wire transfer is a cost-effective way to transfer a large amount of funds from any country in the world. To transfer funds using the wire transfer method, you need to submit our online wire transfer form and get instruction how to fill out a wire transfer form that you can obtain from your bank. When we receive the funds wire-transferred from your bank we will credit your account.

Deposit by Bank Wire
Wired Transfer Min. amount: 100,00 $
Fee: depends on your bank
Bank Comission Bonus from LiteForex
Bank changes refund

Promsvyazbank is one of the leading private banks in Russia included into the top-500 international banks. Promsvyazbank provides its clients with internet banking service for depositing funds in their trading accounts with LiteForex. The clients using this system for deposits can withdraw funds via OKpay wallets.

Deposit by Promsvyazbank
Promsvyazbank Min. amount: $100.00
Fee: 2%
only system fee

LiteForex offers the opportunity to deposit in your trading account by credit or debit card Visa/Mastercard directly via the processing center CardPay. To deposit in your card, you don't need to create an account in the system CardPay, you just need to specify your card details at one of the steps. Click "Deposit by card" if you prefer this method.

Deposit by card
MV Min. amount: $100
Fee: 0%Card charges refund

LiteForex Card is a prepaid MasterCard®, the issuer of which is the company Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. This card is a secure way to deposit and withdraw funds, and can be used wherever MasterCard® is represented. LiteForex Card provides our clients with several advantages: it can be used as a regular debit card, however it does not require linking to a bank account. To order a LiteForex Card, you need to log in to the Client’s Profile, after which you will be able to make direct deposits and withdrawals in/from your trading account at LiteForex.

Direct deposit by LiteForex Card
LiteForex Card Min. amount: $10
Fee: $3

Visa: it’s one of the most popular and well-know credit cards with a standard set of functions. You can use this card for payments at any point of sale where credit cards are accepted and also for the Internet payments.

Direct deposit by Visa Card
Visa Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0,29 € + 3.5% incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

MasterCard is Visa’s main competitor and is considered to be the basic plastic card with standard functions of Europay/Mastercard payment system.

Direct deposit by MasterCard
MasterCard Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0,29 € + 3.5% incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

Visa Delta/Debit is a debit card enabling one to make payments, transfers and withdrawals. The main difference from Visa Electron is that Visa Delta/Debit provides its holders with the restricted overdraft option. The overdraft option isn’t provided when using Visa Electron.

Direct deposit by Visa Delta/Debit Card
Visa Delta Debit Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0,29 € + 3.5% incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

Visa Electron is a debit card used everywhere except for the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland. It’s the simplest type of card. This card provides minimum limits on operations and minimum guarantees. Card service is inexpensive which makes it affordable for students and pensioners who are its holders mainly.

Direct deposit by Visa Electron
Visa Electron Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0,29 € + 3.5% incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

Maestro is the most popular and at the same time the cheapest card issued under the MasterCard brand. Non-authorized card transactions are prohibited. The possibility to make payments on the Internet has lately appeared. Maestro cards remain the most popular (in comparison with MasterCard’s other products) in the world since this card service is inexpensive and it’s easy to get.

Direct deposit by Maestro
Maestro Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0,29 € + 3.5% incoming payment fee will be added to deposit amount

LiteForex group of companies offers you the possibility to top up your account with the help of a credit/debit card using Skrill payment system. If you prefer this method, click on the button "Deposit by Credit Card".

Deposit by Credit Card
Credit Card Min. amount: 10$
Fee: 0,29 $ +

A local deposit/withdrawal represents the possibility to deposit/withdraw money through LiteForex's representative in your region. This prompt and comfortable method will suit even those clients who are not able to use electronic payment systems or international wire transfer. It enables you to use the currency of your country when withdrawing money.

Local Deposit
Local Deposite Min. amount: $10
Fee: 0%