Real forex strategies

Real forex strategies are those forex strategies that when applied in the forex market, brings about some good results. Many so called experts espouse many strategies that are inconsistent with the actual forex trading. It is true that no single strategy is perfect of fits all circumstances, but there are elements that must be found in each that will hold it ground in the real world. The major job for a beginner in the forex trade is to pick an effective forex strategy. There is no easy way to do this since it has to depend on things such as the trader’s personality and other personal criteria which one has to find out by himself or herself. It is not that the strategy chosen completely exclude the loss of money during trade, nothing can be farther from the truth than this but it does make wining and success more possible.

Essentially the strategies that work in the real world for beginners are simple and easily implementable. The advanced trader may manage with something more elaborate and complicated because of his level of skill and deep knowledge. But before launching out with whatever strategy, it is advised that the beginner take time to try out this strategy with a demo account.

How real life strategies work

The important component of trading systems that work in the real world is the fact that each is tailored to suit the trader. There are many different types of forex traders and each is so unique that no single strategy will work for all. For example there are traders that are in the trade just for some very short burst of time. The are not always in the volatile forex market to take advantage of positive price fluctuations because these points are not easily predictable. Another instance is a trader who is only free to trade at night, the simple solution is to pick a currency pair that is most active by this time of the day and trade. This will most likely be the currency of a country whose day would coincide with the trader’s night. The point is this , there are many different strategies to suit each trader, not perfectly though, but close enough. However, whatever the chosen strategy, no matter how perfect it may be, there are some important points that must be taken into consideration before any strategy can be of help. In other words, there is some ground work to be done if any strategy will be of any help to the trader, a few of these things are looked at  below.

1.    Understant  your market

Whatever time you buy or sell foreign exchange. Whatever method you use whatever personality and all other factors it should be well understood that you cannot make progress in a positive direction in forex without a good grasp of your market. This should really be were each beginner must spend his early days, gathering all the information possible about the market and preparing to launch.


The real world is the testing ground for any strategy and until it has been proved, it is still an assumption.

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