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The year 2017 has witnessed many traders being curious about the Wallstreet forex robot. What exactly is it and how is it causing so much buzz in the forex community?


A forex robot is simply a trading tool that automatically carries out forex transactions in the forex market with little or no human input. Based on the strategy upon which it was developed, a robot analyses the market and generate signals to show when it is best to buy or sell a commodity. If all forex robots are about auto trading, what makes the wallstreet different from all other ones?

Taking a look at the features of the wallstreet forex robot, we can get a glimpse of its uniqueness


This feature enables a trader’s stop order to remain invincible so as to be executed at the right time without having to go through the inefficiency of some brokers who play around with a client’s order in order to make some money off it. This is one of the reasons it is important for traders to be careful when selecting a broker to work with.


Low spread is a trader’s best friend. A broker may promise low spread but put up some theatrics that will increase it without the knowledge of the trader. The wallstreet forex robot employs this feature to guard traders from such things. The same goes to the issue of slippage.


Traders that are not so skilled usually have issues with lot sizing. Emotions and aggressive trading does not help matters too. All these contribute to losses accumulated by many investors from a general concept. To avoid this, a user of the wallstreet forex robot can adjust the trading volume to keep human emotions in check. If the trader is all about auto trading, then the bot works well not to exceed the directives of the strategy.

From the tree points mentioned above, it is obvious that this robot can be of great help to traders in all indication, so long as all conditions are met. The average pip target is 15 per trade; which is a good one, and it is a scalping system, meaning it appeals to the greater number of traders in the forex market.

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