JPMorgan Chase&Co., #JPM [NYSE]
Finance, Banks, USA

Financial performance of the company:
Index – DJIA, S&P 500; Beta – 1.65;
Capitalization – 212.84 В; Return on asset – 0.90%;
Income - 22.41 B; Average volume – 19.56 М;
P/E - 10.67; ATR – 1.86

Analytical review:

  • The price of the issuer has grown by 6% over the past week. It is expected that the rise will continue. The rise in the American stock market has a positive impact on the company’s stocks;
  • The company ranks the fourth on capitalization in the sector of finance among the issuers traded in the American stock market;
  • Company’s last report has increased investors’ confidence to the company’s business. Company’s results have exceeded market expectations. Company’s revenue amounted to 24.1 billion USD against the forecast of 23.8 billion USD. Net profit r(earnings per share) exceeded market expectations by 7%, amounting to $1.35;
  • Company is attractive for the long-term investments. The company duly pays off dividends to its shareholders. Dividend yield (3.04%) of the company is higher than the average yield in the industry (2.38%);
  • The company continues to expand its business. Recently, JPMorgan received approval from the Reserve Bank of India for opening three affiliates in the main business cities of the country. They will start to operate in the next few months;
  • Institutional funds own 75% of the company’s shares. The largest part of the shares belongs to Vanguard Group (6.15%) and State Street Corporation (4.24%)..


  • Financial results show that company’s management is on the right track. Company’s results exceeded market expectations. Most part of company’s shares belongs to Institutional funds.
  • It is likely that in the near future company’s quotes will go up.

Trading tips for CFD of JPMorgan Chase&Co.

Key levels:
Support levels: 62.10 USD and 68.80 USD.
Resistance levels: 64.10 USD and 66.15 USD.

Medium-term trading, Н4
Currently, the Issuer has broken down and consolidated above resistance level of 62.10 USD. If the price maintains this level and in case of the respective confirmation (such as pattern Price Action), we recommend to open long positions. Risk per trade is not more than 2% of the capital. Stop order can be placed slightly below the signal line. Take profit can be placed in parts at the levels of 64.50 USD, 66.00 USD and 67.50 USD with the use of trailing stop.

Medium-term trading, Н4
Medium-term trading, Н4

Short-term trading, М15
The issuer is traded between the local support and resistance levels of 62.85/63.50. It is recommended to enter the market after breakdown and testing of these levels. Positions can be opened near the signal line and the nearest support/resistance levels. Risk per trade is not more than 3% of the capital. Stop order can be placed slightly above/below the signal line. Take profit can be placed in parts of 50%, 30% and 20% with the use of trailing stop.

Short-term trading, М15
Short-term trading, М15

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