Intel Corporation, #INTC [NASD]
Technologies, Semiconductors, USA

Financial performance:

Index –DJIA, S&P 500; Beta – 1.00;
Capitalization - 135.81 В; Assets profitability - 12.00%;
Revenue - 11.42 B; Average volume – 25.57 М;
P/E - 12.30; ATR – 0.58.

Analytical review:

  • The Company has the 9th biggest capitalization in the technologies sector among the issuers listed on the US stock market.
  • In the past three months Intel's stock has grown by over 17.5% on positive dynamics of the US stock market and the company's upbeat results. At the end of July the issuer formed key support and resistance levels of 34.00 USD and 35.15 USD;
  • According to the latest report on the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year 2016, the company's revenue grew 2.5% to 13.53 billion USD. The EPS factor (earning per share) amounted to 0.59 USD, which is better than market expectations of 0.52 USD;
  • Intel continues to develop and diversify its business. The company has voiced lately its intention to buy the Nervana Systems start-up involved in developing AI technologies. The purchase will help Intel expand its market share and improve its competitiveness in the sector. The trade is priced at 400 million USD according to unofficial data;
  • Large investment companies (Nomura, MKM Partners, and Mizuho) upgraded Intel Corporation's ranking in late July and updated the target cost of the company's stock to 38-40 USD.


  • The Company published a positive report on the second quarter of the fiscal year 2016, exceeding market expectations. The company's growth potential is quite significant. Efficient implementation of investment projects will contribute to the company's bigger capitalization. Large investment companies forecast a positive trend for the company.
  • Thus, we expect that Intel's quotes will be rising in the nearest future.

Trading tips for Intel Corporation's CFDs

Key levels:
Support levels: 34.55 USD, 34.00 USD
Resistance levels: 35.15 USD, 35.75 USD

Medium-term trading, H1
The issuer has crossed a resistance level of 35.15 USD. Once a mirror support level of 35.15 USD is retained and relevant confirming signals appear (Price Action patterns, for example), we recommend searching for market entry points to open long positions. Risk per trade: no more than 2% of equity. Stop order shall be placed a bit below the signal line. We recommend that prospective profits should be fixed partly at the levels of 135.70 USD, 36.50 USD and 37.30 USD, with Trailing Stop applied.

Medium-term trading, H1
Medium-term trading, H1

Short-term trading, M15
The issuer is currently trading between the local support and resistance levels of 35.15/35.35 USD. We advise you to search for market entry points once these levels are broken and tested. Positions shall be opened in the direction of the signal line and the nearest support/resistance level. Risk per trade: no more than 3% of equity. Stop order shall be placed a bit above/below the signal line. Prospective profits shall be fixed partly, at 50%, 30%, and 20% of a prospective fluctuation, with Trailing Stop applied.

Short-term trading, M15
Short-term trading, M15

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