The forex guy

There are many forex traders out there that are at lost as to what to do in their trades. There are also many others that have no other form of experience asides what they were able to gather from demo trades. In most cases, is not all, demo trading experience is not enough to trade the forex market with. So, many traders that have gotten a bit of a hang of the forex market took it upon themselves to share their knowledge with the forex community out of their free will. One of such people is the forex guy.


He is simply a forex trader that wants to share his experience with other traders. He has been in the forex market for a while and has managed to learn a thing or two that new traders can benefit from while trading the forex market.

He has traded for a while with some strategies that were recommended to him, but he quickly realized that those strategies were not for him. They were too complicated, and demanded that the trader sits in front of the screen all day long. This did not work well for him, so he opted for a better way to trade forex profitably without having to carry out overwhelming tasks all day long every day. That was why he started the forex guy website.


Since 2007, the forex guy has been trading with price action strategies and so far, they have been really profitable to him. Anxious to progress as a forex trader, the forex guy did not just stop at the point he got to know that his price action strategy were good enough for him, he went ahead to do more in a way of developing himself to be a better trader. He carried out more research and developed himself on how to trade with newer strategies and money management skills.

According to him, one of the ways to move forward in life is to teach others what you know, so he is spreading his knowledge about the forex market as a way to move forward in his career as a forex trader.


Other traders should take it to heart that the forex guy did not achieve what he has today by sitting around. With hard work and persistence, it is possible to be a really successful forex trader. Also note that everything you do in the name of trading the forex market is at your own risk. There is hardly anyone to take responsibilities for your losses. So, it is important to carry out deep research at all time before applying any newly learnt technique.

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