Are you thinking about trying your own hand in forex? Do you want to be a forex analyst? Quite obviously you might have heard the huge wads of profit which you can make in it. And evidently, you want a slice of the $13 million spread around every second on an average day of FX trading. Here’re 5 ways to make sure you end up on the bright side or rather the green side.

  • Learn FX

The first few articles and sites will leave you flabbergasted. But perseverance is the motto. Experts always say that FX is not about thriving for those few days, it is rather about surviving for more than those few days into months and even years. To become a forex analyst, you have to study up.

There are numerous variables which have adverse effects on it. Each of these variables needs to be accounted for to give the investor/trader/broker that upper-hand of pre-anticipating the market. It is only with proper pre-anticipation that you can come out on top. And to do that, you’ll need a working knowledge on the myriad of factors and the technical indicators or tools which are used to interpret them.

Tutorials, audiovisuals, videos, interactive seminars – you name it the internet has it to make sure that you are interested and knowledgeable enough to invest in forex. And always remember, you are an asset and a probable future client/investor to the numerous FX trading firms out there. They are supposed to provide all the required services to the best of their abilities to make sure you enlist for them. 

  • Practice Demo FX First

With the increased exposure due to the internet boom in the last two decades, FX trading firms have come up with even more services to woo new investors. Demo FX accounts have simulated market charts along with virtual cash to give you an experience of applying the know-how you’ve gathered so far about forex. They provide experience minus the topsy-turvy risks associated with actual trading.

  • FX is not a hobby

FX trading will take a lot of your time and only with a dedication towards it can you become a forex analyst. It is not to be taken as a hobby; FX trading is a serious business, not an aesthetic passion. 

  • Logic over Emotion

FX deals with higher economics. Once you’re through with the basics, you’ll definitely find FX to be a volatile ever-fluctuating market which is affected by financial movements of all the major players in it, be it major banks such as the CITI or JP Morgan groups or countries. You have to stay in tune with and grasp the outcomes of every major global financial decision pertaining to currency to be a true-blue expert in forex.

  • Persevere to be a Forex Analyst

This is not a one-month course; comprehending FX requires time, energy and an uncanny aptitude. A forex analyst is not the one with a penthouse and a convertible; he’s the one with a Merc and a 20th-floor condo in NY. He is the man for the long run.

A would-be forex analyst is a money-machine in the making. And if you have the urge and the wits to dream of becoming one, now is the best time to start up.

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteForex. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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