Forex market is meant to every individual. It is essential for the trader to understand the market flow to avoid significant losses. It is important for the trader to know different ways of forex forecasting. Beginners should take proper assistance to judge market movement.

In general, forex trading is defined as a market that gives profit as a supplement to income. If you do trade but unable to earn, then it is of no use. Traders always have a desire to earn maximum value in every investment. It is only possible when they judge the market precisely.

According to one of the forex experts, “It is better to do a forecast on a weekly basis. I am not telling you that daily forecast is not effective. But in my opinion, it will be enticing if traders perform weekly forecast to understand currency movement. I have experienced better returns when I mix up weekly forecast with daily forecast to have a cross-check.”

For instance, AUD/USD weekly forecast will likely to offer none other than greater returns. This highlights the fact that forex forecasting guide traders how to minimise risks of losses and maximise possible returns.

Benefits of AUD/USD weekly forecast:

There are long-term traders and short-term traders. In this regard, short-term traders always look for opportunities of the high amount of returns. Some of the benefits of AUD/USD weekly forecast include:

  • Better understanding of the market:

As users have already gone through the market changes, it specifies that they are ready to respond when favourable conditions will arise. With millions of users from all over the world, it is important to come across foreign exchange reserves to comprehend with the market flow.

  • Increase in supplementary income:

You have residual bills. Why not have residual incomes?”

Traders who regularly analyse the market can judge its movement in a better way. Increasing supplementary income is not an easy task. It requires some potential efforts to make the things possible along with the capability to understand the same.

AUD/USD forecast 2015:

If certain facts are taken from the history, then it will be found that both the currency went through many changes in its exchange rates.

For instance, in January 2015, the change in exchange rate has been started from 0.816 to reach 0.777 at the end of the month for AUD to USD. As of March, these values started from 0.756 to reach 0.794.

Few months later, in July, it was identified that exchange rate had been changed by –5.19% for this month, where it started from 0.77 to reach 0.73. In August 2015, it was only –2.6%, where the value started from 0.73 to reach 0.711.

For September, the exchange rate started from 0.711 to reach 0.702 at the end of the month. In December 2015, it was started from 0.709 to end at 0.739.

Analysts and experts have predicted that AUD/USD forecast this week. The rate might reach the high of 0.77 where low will be 0.74, and average exchange rate is expected to be 0.75.


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