Profit is not something to add on at the end; it is something to plan for in the beginning.”

People join forex to supplement their income statistics. Without having a single loss, traders can make sufficient amount of supplement to income. Although it is not such an easy task to perform, a firm determination can change everything.

If traders start looking for forex forecast news and analyse forex, then it will bring positive outcomes with zero or at least adverse effects. For instance, analyse forex EUR/USD to make a profitable trade today. This will give information of the volatility of the market along with the change in exchange rates of the currency pair.

Forex Trading Scenario:

Market participants always look for USD in their first trading session. In this regard, USD forex analysis will indicate the level of capital support for its trend. After certain intervals, the volatility of the market may get changed.

With the help of professional forex software like MetaTrader4, it becomes easy for the traders to analyse the market and trade.

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”- W. Edwards Deming

EUR/USD analysis forex- Forecast 2016 - 2017:

Analysts have offered the future prospects of forex market. These statistics will determine the values that are likely to be changed.

For September 2016, the experts’ analyse forex EUR/USD has forecasted that the maximum rate will be at 1.13 and minimum will reach to 1.09. Next month, this maximum rate is predicted to reach 1.13 and minimum will stay at 1.09. This means October 2016 will have a 0.00% change in exchange rates.

For November 2016, the maximum rate will reach to 1.11 whereas minimum rate will be 1.06. The exchange rate has been noticed to get a change of –2.70%. Following month (December 2016), the maximum value will be 1.11 and minimum will reach 1.07.

The New Year will get a change of 2.75% in the exchange rate. Here, the maximum rate will be 1.14 and minimum will reach to 1.09. February 2017 will have a maximum rate at 1.14, and its minimum will stay at 1.09 with 0.00% change. March is also expected to get 0.00% change in its exchange rate value.

On April 2017, its maximum rate will reach 1.17 and minimum will be 1.12 where the exchange rate change will be 2.68%.

Reaching to September 2017, the experts’ analyse forex EUR/USD offer maximum rate to reach 1.13 and its minimum will be at 1.09. Next month will set its maximum rate at 1.14 whereas minimum rate will be 1.10. This month is expected to end at an exchange rate of 1.12 where 0.90% will be its change.

Things to Remember:

Everyone is here to trade and earn high. There is no specific strategy to perform in forex market. Everyone will have the same tools to make the things better. It is the knowledge and presence of mind of the trader which separates them.

An investment in KNOWLEDGE always pays the best INTEREST.”- Ben Franklin


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