EUR-USD_1Forecast of different currency pairs has offered several potential benefits on how to make profitable trades. The American multinational banking firm, Goldman Sachs Group analyses and makes a useful future statistics on different current pairs.

These statistics are already available online. With the recent report of EUR/USD forecast Goldman Sachs, it has been found that there is a probability of downfall for EUR/ USD. The available reports have disclosed long term statistics. These forecasts are based on quarterly, half-yearly and annually.

The previous statistics of EUR/USD was 1.04, 1.00 and 0.95 for 3, 6 and 12 months. The recent statistics has shown 1.12, 1.10 and 1.05 exchange rates. It has also been predicted that Euro will fall further if European Central Bank (ECB) looks forward to meet the inflation target. The 24 months forecast has shown 0.95 exchange rates while 36 months forecast shows 0.90.

EUR/USD forecast investing:

Expert analysts have offered several consequences that explain the cause of this downfall. The EUR/USD forecast Goldman Sachs has described the fact with figures that you have read above.

According to forex experts, “EUR/ USD are at a fair exchange rate for a long time. The ECB has created Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) that pushes Euro up. Now, it has been found that low inflation in Europe is mainly because of currency.” This is a major factor in which President Draghi has already pointed in 2014 speech in Sintra.

ECB might have planned something along with the government support to bring back the exchange rate within an acceptable range with its conspiracy.

EUR/USD Weekly forecast:

Traders who are willing to trade on EUR/USD should follow the recent statistics that will determine how much it would be effective to trade on. The basic scenario will remain the same that eventually lead to long term investment if it becomes consolidate.

Forex weekly forecast on different currency pairs will offer an important understanding of the market movement in the current period. This increases the market holding capability of forex traders. If you are using technical software to do trade, then it will become much easy to comprehend the market with available statistics.

EUR/USD forecast 2016:

Analysts have reported the statistics of this years’ forex forecast on a monthly basis. For September 2016, the maximum rate is expected to reach 1.14 whereas its minimum will be at 1.10. Following month will likely to offer the same value with 0.00% change in its exchange rates.

For November 2016, the maximum rate will reach to 1.12 whereas its minimum value will be at 1.07. At the end of the year (December 2016), the maximum rate is predicted to 1.12, and its minimum rate will be at 1.08 with a change of 0.92% in its exchange rate.

To get an effective result, traders should mix EUR/USD forecast for next week along with long term forecast to understand current market movement. In this case, the daily forecast will surely offer profitable trades.


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