Forex analysis forecast is itself a very hot topic to debate on. With the available historical data, analysts and expert traders analyze the market to determine future prospects of currency trading. It is thus, important not to make wrong decisions while self-fulfilling prospects should be ignored.

A wrong forex analysis and forecast will be of no use. This will be worthless if traders are unable to predict the same accurately. In this regard, it is important to jolt down the forex analysis methods to make the things valuable.

Forex analysis forecasting methods:

Generally, two different methods of forecasting are considered in forex market. With the existence of advancement in technology, the accuracy level is just maintained to achieve satisfaction. Forecasting methods are:

  • Fundamental Approach

  • Technical Approach

Fundamental Approach:

Fundamental Approach deals with measuring a country’s economic strength and evaluating currency exchange rates. Forex news on economic statistics will give an idea of the current currency’s value in the country. The economic data along with political affairs will hold fundamental trading statistics.

Investors those who spend a higher amount of money should be aware of all these facts to avoid any significant losses. Forex analysis forecast will capitalize the supplement to income with a proper investigation on the same.

With a proper understanding of inflation and interest rates, you can decide whether to invest or not. Without this information, it will be complicated to trade confidently.

Technical Approach:

Technical approach deals with statistical analysis of future price movements in the forex market. With the help of technical analysis software, traders can forecast daily, weekly or even monthly trading prospects.

It utilizes historical data that mark the shift in exchange rates. With a specific look, it will predict the same whether these changes occur (dramatically) or not.

Forex analysis forecast statistics:

Research has shown that technical analysis offers better threshold factors. This increases the opportunity to trade with different currency pairs. It has always proved to be beneficial and effective to reduce the level of challenge and bring back confidence. If the challenges are not eliminated or reduced, then it will keep people away from forex trading.

Check some of the forecastings of 2016:

  • EUR/ USD:

For September 2016, the maximum rate will be at 1.13 and minimum will be at 1.09. Next month it is expected to remain the same with 0.00% change in its exchange rate.

  • USD/ JPY:

For September 2016, the maximum rate will reach to 105.13 and minimum will be 101.01. Next month, the maximum rate will be 103.07 whereas minimum will be 98.48. The change in exchange rate will be –2.50% for this month.

  • USD/ CAD:

For September 2016, the maximum rate will reach 1.33 whereas its minimum will reach 1.27. The following month will have a maximum rate at 1.31, and its minimum will be 1.25. For this month, the exchange rate will see a change of –1.54%.

These values for sure offers great benefits if traders can comprehend with forex analysis forecasting.


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