Zcash to Bitcoin

ZECBTC is a pair that expresses the relation of the cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) against Bitcoin (BTC). Unlike most cryptocurrencies that show the full payments history of the holders, Zcash provides the highest level of confidentiality allowing its users to retain their transaction completely anonymous. Zcash project was based on innovations in cryptography, employing Zero-Knowledge proof. This technology allows its users to confirm transactions without revealing its details, like the transaction and the information about the transaction participants. So, Zcash is an excellent alternative to Bitcoin, as it has the same functions, providing a higher degree of confidentiality. Analysts forecast that Zcash can well be equal in price to Bitcoin in future. Until this happens, you can trade ZECBTC pair in Forex, making profits from Zcash/ Bitcoin rate changes. The current cross-rate XRP/USD is provided online in the chart below.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
0.01384 0.01379
58.3% ▾
The rate of ZECBTC currency pair for today is $0.01384. The highest cost of ZECBTC for today was $0.0142, the lowest rate was $0.0137. The opening price: $0.013945. The quotes chart of ZECBTC currency pair in real time is presented below.

Price chart of ZECBTC in real time mode

Prev. Close0.013945
Day's Range0.0137 - 0.0142
52 wk Range0.000241 - 0.04936
Average VolumeN/A
Swap Long-25
Lot Size1
Swap Short-25
Stop&Limit Level0
BTCUSD4,056.14,056.1+5.9 +0.15%
DSHBTC0.0228200.022820+0.000089 +0.39%
DSHUSD90.4990.49+0.10 +0.11%
EDOUSD0.720410.72041-0.00276 -0.38%
ETHBTC0.0342350.034235+0.000008 +0.02%
ETHUSD139.03139.03+0.40 +0.29%
ETPUSD0.67700.6770-0.0090 -1.31%
IOTAUSD0.317640.31764+0.00205 +0.65%
LTCBTC0.0151800.015180+0.000354 +2.39%
LTCUSD60.69360.693+1.494 +2.52%
NEOBTC0.0023300.002330+0.000019 +0.82%
NEOUSD9.2709.270+0.100 +1.09%
OMGUSD1.71841.7184+0.1217 +7.62%
XMRBTC0.0131090.013109-0.000126 -0.95%
XMRUSD52.34152.341-0.365 -0.69%
XRPUSD0.31120.3112+0.0003 +0.10%
ZECBTC0.0138940.013894-0.000052 -0.37%
ZECUSD55.1355.13-0.74 -1.32%
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