The pound sterling quoted against American dollar represents another attractive investment instrument after EURUSD. This lot can be of interest to traders at least from 2 points of view. First, the pound sterling can be used for arbitrage and hedging, due to its higher volatility. Secondly, investors regard GBPUSD as a kind of indicator "anticipating" the movements of Euro. Finally, the highest liquidity of GBPUSD makes it applicable not only to position trading, but also to trading within shortest periods of time.
It should be also noted, that a considerable difference between the interest rates of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System of the USA makes it possible for traders to consider swaps when trading and to employ the tactics enabling them to profit from both investments and differences in interest rates.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
1.26545 1.26538
The rate of GBPUSD (GBPUSD) currency pair for today is $1.26545. The highest cost of GBPUSD (GBPUSD) for today was $1.2677, the lowest rate was $1.2634. The opening price: $1.264. The quotes chart of GBPUSD (GBPUSD) currency pair in real time is presented below.

Price chart of GBPUSD in real time mode

Prev. Close1.264
Day's Range1.2634 - 1.2677
52 wk Range1.2477 - 1.4378
Average VolumeN/A
Swap Long-4.5
Lot Size100000
Swap Short2.25
Stop&Limit Level0
AUDUSD0.71940.7194+0.0015 +0.21%
EURUSD1.13851.1385+0.0023 +0.20%
GBPUSD1.26711.2671+0.0031 +0.25%
NZDUSD0.68660.6866+0.0019 +0.28%
USDCAD1.34591.3459-0.0007 -0.05%
USDCHF0.99210.9921-0.0005 -0.05%
USDJPY112.32112.32-0.20 -0.18%
EURCHF1.12941.1294+0.0015 +0.13%
EURGBP0.89840.8984-0.0005 -0.06%
EURJPY127.88127.88+0.04 +0.03%
GBPJPY142.32142.32+0.09 +0.06%
GBPCAD1.70531.7053+0.0031 +0.18%
CHFJPY113.22113.22-0.13 -0.11%
CADCHF0.73710.73710.0000 0.00%
NZDCAD0.92410.9241+0.0020 +0.22%
CADJPY83.4683.46-0.10 -0.12%
AUDJPY80.8180.81+0.03 +0.04%
EURCAD1.53221.5322+0.0023 +0.15%
EURAUD1.58231.5823-0.0001 -0.01%
EURNZD1.65791.6579-0.0013 -0.08%
GBPCHF1.25711.2571+0.0024 +0.19%
GBPAUD1.76121.7612+0.0007 +0.04%
GBPNZD1.84531.8453-0.0008 -0.04%
NZDCHF0.68120.6812+0.0014 +0.21%
NZDJPY77.1277.12+0.07 +0.09%
AUDCAD0.96830.9683+0.0013 +0.13%
AUDCHF0.71370.7137+0.0009 +0.13%
AUDNZD1.04781.0478-0.0009 -0.09%
USDSGD1.36871.3687-0.0016 -0.12%
USDCNH6.88766.8876-0.0053 -0.08%
USDHKD7.82087.8208+0.0018 +0.02%
USDDKK6.55946.5594-0.0137 -0.21%
USDNOK8.71238.7123-0.0201 -0.23%
USDSEK9.04959.0495-0.0207 -0.23%
USDPLN3.76183.7618-0.0103 -0.27%
EURPLN4.28284.2828-0.0024 -0.06%
USDCZK22.603522.6035-0.0612 -0.27%
USDTRY5.33745.3374-0.0064 -0.12%
USDHUF283.07283.07-0.55 -0.19%
USDZAR14.312614.3126-0.0387 -0.27%
USDMXN20.054720.0547-0.0258 -0.13%
EURZAR16.294216.2942-0.0094 -0.06%
USDRUB67.272767.2727+0.4934 +0.74%
EURRUB76.424476.4244+0.6579 +0.87%
USDILS3.76103.7610-0.0001 -0.02%
GBPTRY6.76436.7643+0.0087 +0.13%
EURSGD1.55831.5583+0.0014 +0.09%
EURHKD8.90368.9036+0.0203 +0.23%
EURTRY6.08076.0807+0.0033 +0.05%
GBPNOK11.040011.0400+0.0035 +0.03%
GBPDKK8.31168.3116+0.0033 +0.04%
NZDSGD0.93990.9399+0.0014 +0.15%
GBPSGD1.73451.7345+0.0024 +0.14%
GBPSEK11.467311.4673+0.0045 +0.04%
GBPZAR18.138318.1383-0.0018 -0.01%
EURMXN22.831822.8318+0.0190 +0.08%
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