The New Zeeland dollar is ranked among the so called "commodity currencies", since the export of raw materials predominates in the GDP structure of New Zeeland. As opposed to Australia, where gold is evidently the main export element, New Zeeland exports various kinds of raw materials, which lets many traders find some correlations between the movements of the NZD and the Commodity Research Bureau Index representing at least 58%, according to many analysts. It provides both another advantage when forecasting the movements of NZDUSD and an opportunity for hedging and making profits through arbitrage operations.
At the same time, NZDUSD is included into the group of major currency pairs, which gives such an advantage in the eyes of investors as the highest liquidity and considerable potential for profit making expressed in the dynamics of this financial tool.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
0.65921 0.65906
The rate of NZDUSD (NZDUSD) currency pair for today is $0.65921. The highest cost of NZDUSD (NZDUSD) for today was $0.6607, the lowest rate was $0.6524. The opening price: $0.6543. The quotes chart of NZDUSD (NZDUSD) currency pair in real time is presented below.

Price chart of NZDUSD in real time mode

Prev. Close0.6543
Day's Range0.6524 - 0.6607
52 wk Range0.6424 - 0.7438
Average VolumeN/A
Swap Long-0.2
Lot Size100000
Swap Short-3
Stop&Limit Level0
AUDUSD0.71180.7118+0.0019 +0.27%
EURUSD1.15141.1514+0.0060 +0.52%
GBPUSD1.30811.3081+0.0063 +0.48%
NZDUSD0.65940.6594+0.0051 +0.78%
USDCAD1.31041.3104+0.0019 +0.15%
USDCHF0.99600.9960+0.0003 +0.03%
USDJPY112.55112.55+0.35 +0.31%
EURCHF1.14671.1467+0.0062 +0.54%
EURGBP0.88170.8817+0.0019 +0.22%
EURJPY129.58129.58+1.07 +0.83%
GBPJPY147.22147.22+1.15 +0.79%
GBPCAD1.71291.7129+0.0096 +0.56%
CHFJPY112.98112.98+0.28 +0.25%
CADCHF0.76020.7602-0.0008 -0.11%
NZDCAD0.86340.8634+0.0073 +0.85%
CADJPY85.9085.90+0.15 +0.17%
AUDJPY80.1280.12+0.46 +0.58%
EURCAD1.50871.5087+0.0101 +0.67%
EURAUD1.61741.6174+0.0042 +0.26%
EURNZD1.74681.7468-0.0039 -0.22%
GBPCHF1.30201.3020+0.0059 +0.46%
GBPAUD1.83631.8363+0.0026 +0.14%
GBPNZD1.98321.9832-0.0065 -0.33%
NZDCHF0.65670.6567+0.0054 +0.83%
NZDJPY74.2074.20+0.79 +1.08%
AUDCAD0.93270.9327+0.0038 +0.41%
AUDCHF0.70910.7091+0.0023 +0.33%
AUDNZD1.07971.0797-0.0053 -0.49%
USDSGD1.37771.3777-0.0041 -0.30%
USDCNH6.93406.9340-0.0056 -0.08%
USDHKD7.84167.8416+0.0032 +0.04%
USDDKK6.47966.4796-0.0342 -0.53%
USDNOK8.22188.2218-0.0565 -0.68%
USDSEK8.99028.9902-0.0536 -0.59%
USDPLN3.73003.7300-0.0284 -0.76%
EURPLN4.29484.2948-0.0097 -0.23%
USDCZK22.455022.4550-0.1335 -0.59%
USDTRY5.64445.6444+0.0092 +0.16%
USDHUF280.73280.73-1.65 -0.58%
USDZAR14.405214.4052-0.0472 -0.33%
USDMXN19.282119.2821+0.1273 +0.66%
EURZAR16.601716.6017+0.0490 +0.30%
USDRUB65.491165.4911-0.3133 -0.48%
EURRUB75.444275.4442+0.0717 +0.10%
USDILS3.65733.6573-0.0023 -0.06%
GBPTRY7.36867.3686+0.0271 +0.37%
EURSGD1.58621.5862+0.0036 +0.23%
EURHKD9.02899.0289+0.0512 +0.57%
EURTRY6.50016.5001+0.0341 +0.53%
GBPNOK10.751410.7514-0.0236 -0.22%
GBPDKK8.46738.4673-0.0124 -0.15%
NZDSGD0.90780.9078+0.0038 +0.42%
GBPSGD1.80071.8007+0.0019 +0.11%
GBPSEK11.740911.7409-0.0325 -0.28%
GBPZAR18.806618.8066-0.0057 -0.03%
EURMXN22.199122.1991+0.2604 +1.19%
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