• Real value assets
  • Stably high demand for precious metals
  • Risk diversification possibilities
  • High permanent liquidity
SymbolLot Size*Spread *Stop & LimitSwap * LongSwap * Short
XAGEUR 5000 5.0 5 -0.311 -0.1782
XAGUSD 5000 5.0 5 -0.196 -0.115
XAUEUR 100 50.0 150 -4.6 -5.175
XAUUSD 100 50.0 150 -4.84 -5.175
SymbolLot Size*Spread *Stop & LimitSwap * LongSwap * Short
XAGEUR 5000 5.0 5 -0.06 -0.027
XAGUSD 5000 5.0 5 -0.002 -0.004
XAUEUR 100 75.0 150 -3.6 -1.56
XAUUSD 100 75.0 150 -4.82 -0.22
SymbolLot Size*Spread *Stop & LimitSwap * LongSwap * Short
XAGEUR 5000 0.02 0 -3.105 -1.7825
XAGUSD 5000 0.04 0 -1.955 -1.15
XAUEUR 100 0.32 0 -4.6 -5.175
XAUUSD 100 0.47 0 -4.86 -5.175
SymbolLot Size*Spread *Stop & LimitSwap * LongSwap * Short
XAGEUR 5000 4.1 50 -31.05 -17.825
XAGUSD 5000 3.8 5 -1.955 -1.15
XAUEUR 100 64.9 1500 -46 -51.75
XAUUSD 100 47.4 150 -69.4 -74.75

Invest in gold

Investing in Forex financial tools such as XAUUSD (gold against the American dollar) and XAUEUR (gold against Euro) can secure the gold reserve of your funds. Traditionally, gold is regarded not only as a precious metal but also as an advantageous Forex instrument. Gold has always been much in demand, that’s why investing in XAUUSD and XAUEUR can be considered as profitable and reliable. Trading gold on the Forex market, you provide yourself with almost the same profits you could make when investing in gold itself.

Invest in silver

Silver is a perfect alternative in case you’ve made decision to diversify risks arising in the process of Forex trading and to protect your funds against market confusions. Being much in both investors’ and traders’ demand, which is quite characteristic of all precious metals, silver investments yield high profits. Investments in silver will make you confident about the future since this metal is more stable (less volatile) than gold, but at the same time, it can bring considerable revenues.  Trading silver on the Forex market enables each client to enlarge his investment potential.

Investing in platinum

Platinum trading is a good investment opportunity, thanks to low volatility and huge potential for profit.

Platinum is one of the world’s most expensive metals. One of the biggest consumers of platinum is the jewelry industry that accounts for nearly 50 tons of platinum per year. Platinum is also widely used in medicine and, particularly, in dentistry.

Platinum is considered to be a stable and liquid means of saving funds during a period of economic instability; accordingly, traders can use it as a protective tool, because this metal does not fall in price as much as other assets do, in case commodity markets slump.

Investing in palladium

Palladium is a popular investment instrument as it’s widely used in the chemical industry and is irreplaceable in some sectors of the automobile industry. As the automobile industry is developing, the demand for this metal and the investment interest are also increasing.

The price for palladium is therefore directly dependent on changes in the development of the world industry. The dollar, oil, gold rates and the price for various industrial goods also influence the pricing of palladium. That’s the very reason this trading instrument is extremely popular with traders.

  • * Spreads and swaps are indicated according to the current market conditions (data is recorded in the table, straight from the trading server, and is updated in real time). The Company has the right to change spreads and swaps according to current market conditions, depending on the volatility of one or another financial instrument and/or interest rate size, when such changes are required.
  • ** Swaps are calculated at 00:00 terminal time of each working day: triple swaps are calculated on the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
  • *** When relevant market news is published, Stop & Limit levels can increase threefold.
  • **** The margin requirements are increased twofold for XAU transactions and fourfold for XAG, XPT, XPD transactions.