DAX30 is a Frankfurt Stock Exchange index. It consists of 30 companies, including a couple of banks, several insurance companies, automobile giants BMW, Daimler, MAN, VAG, Volkswagen, and such well-known brands as Adidas, BASF, Metro, DeutscheLufthansa, Siemens, and others. The list of included companies is reviewed quarterly by DAX operators, the most influential of which is Deutsche Borse. Like the other major indices, DAX30 characterizes comprehensively the economic development of the region. Changes in the index can be assessed and forecasted using the economic calendar in Germany. And since the German economy ranks first in the European Union and fourth in the world in terms of development, the value of DAX30 index reflecting the situation in the economic sector is a global indicator. A distinctive feature of the index is considered to be its dependence on the situation in the engineering and manufacturing sectors of the region.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

Sell Buy Mood 1-day change
13013.70000 13011.70000
+1.18 (+0.01%)
The rate of FDAX (FDAX) index for today is $13013.70000. The highest cost of FDAX (FDAX) for today was $, the lowest rate was $83.000. The opening price: $13,048.5. The quotes chart of FDAX (FDAX) index in real time is presented below.
Prev. Close 12,991.28
Day's Range 83.000 -
Opening 13,048.5
52 wk Range 82,663,710
Volume 21.29%
Average Volume
Spread 20
Swap Long -2.59
Lot Size 1
Swap Short -3.41
Stop&Limit Level 0
SPX 2,575.21 +13.11 +0.51%
YM 23,328.63 +165.59 +0.71%
NQ 6,108.82 +16.20 +0.27%
FTSE 7,523.23 +0.19 +-0.05%
FDAX 12,991.28 +1.18 +0.01%
CAC 5,372.38 +4.09 +0.08%
SX5E 3,604.27 +2.19 +0.06%
ASX200 5,906.99 +10.86 +0.18%
IT40 2,180.6 +20.0 +0.93%
HK50 28,487.24 +328.15 +1.17%
NI225 21,457.64 +9.12 +0.04%
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