London Stock Exchange FTSE100 index is one of the key indicators of the economic state of the UK in particular and Europe in general. The index is calculated by FinancialTimes StockExchange Group, which is owned by the London Stock Exchange and FinancialTimes news agency. The index is diversified in virtually all major industries: engineering, oil and gas, banking, insurance and investment companies. But a large proportion of FTSE100 components are mining companies. It should be noted that FTSE 100 is the basic index for the calculation of dozens of world stock index of the FTSE family. The distinctive features of this index are the smooth ups and downs of its values and its ability to recover quickly after undergoing a deep crisis. Despite the global importance of FTSE100 index for the world economy, for a private trader there is no need to examine the state of affairs of each company included in the index in order to trade this instrument. Such an analysis is carried out only by representatives of FinancialTimes StockExchange Group. To profit from trading FTSE100 it is necessary to pay attention to the state of the UK economy as a whole and monitor the quotations of GBP/USD pair when preparing the forecast.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
7167.10000 7160.80000
100% ▾
The rate of FTSE (FTSE) index for today is $7167.10000. The highest cost of FTSE (FTSE) for today was $7.0000, the lowest rate was $7.0000. The opening price: $7,208.49. The quotes chart of FTSE (FTSE) index in real time is presented below.

Price chart of FTSE in real time mode

Prev. Close7,167.39
Day's Range7.0000 - 7.0000
52 wk Range6,536.53 - 7,903.5
Average Volume735,372,083
Swap Long0.12
Lot Size1
Swap Short-0.21
Stop&Limit Level0
IBEX359,191.209,191.20+10.10 +0.11%
SPX2,774.882,774.88-9.82 -0.35%
YM25,850.6325,850.63-103.81 -0.40%
NQ7,035.167,035.16-27.18 -0.38%
FTSE7,167.397,167.39-61.23 -0.85%
FDAX11,423.2811,423.28+21.31 +0.19%
CAC5,196.115,196.11+0.17 +0.00%
SX5E3,263.703,263.70+4.21 +0.13%
ASX2006,139.206,139.20+42.70 +0.70%
IT401,976.71,976.7-8.8 -0.44%
HK5028,629.9228,629.92+115.87 +0.41%
NI22521,464.2321,464.23+32.74 +0.26%
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