Madrid Stock Exchange IBEX 35 index, or Iberia Index35, is a summary indicator of change in prices for shares of 35 companies included in its list, for the specified time period. The movement of the IBEX 35 index values up or down helps assess the state of the Spanish economy and its certain sectors in particular. The listing of the index includes enterprises and companies of the banking sector, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, construction and energy. Representatives of each industry included in the index IBEX 35 are selected based on the capitalization. The composition of the index is reviewed regularly in order to track the performance of other representatives of a particular industry. IBEX 35 index value depends directly on the performance of each sector: growth in one sector as a whole increases the index value, and vice versa: decline in the other causes a significant reduction of the index. It is worth noting that banks compose a large part of the index, so we can talk about a strong influence of the banking sector on the calculation of the index. IBEX 35 index can be traded in the operation hours of the Madrid Stock Exchange, namely from 11:00 to 19:30 GMT.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
9433.70000 9427.70000
100% ▾
The rate of IBEX35 (IBEX35) index for today is $9433.70000. The highest cost of IBEX35 (IBEX35) for today was $9.0000, the lowest rate was $9.0000. The opening price: $9,350.8. The quotes chart of IBEX35 (IBEX35) index in real time is presented below.

Price chart of IBEX35 in real time mode

Prev. Close9,342.2
Day's Range9.0000 - 9.0000
52 wk Range8,286.2 - 10,291.4
Average Volume165,355,070
Swap Long-0.3
Lot Size1
Swap Short-0.39
Stop&Limit Level0
IBEX359,409.109,409.10+66.90 +0.72%
SPX2,832.942,832.94+10.46 +0.37%
YM25,914.1025,914.10+65.23 +0.25%
NQ7,326.287,326.28+19.29 +0.26%
FTSE7,299.197,299.19+70.91 +0.98%
FDAX11,657.0611,657.06-28.63 -0.25%
CAC5,412.835,412.83+7.51 +0.14%
SX5E3,387.943,387.94+1.86 +0.05%
ASX2006,190.506,190.50+15.30 +0.25%
IT402,022.72,022.7+19.1 +0.95%
HK5029,409.0129,409.01+396.75 +1.37%
NI22521,584.5021,584.50+133.65 +0.62%
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