American Stock Exchange index NASDAQ100 is a trading instrument of the US stock market, which covers 100 high-tech companies with the greatest capitalization. NASDAQ100 index's distinctive feature is the fact that no corporations of the financial sector are included in the index. All shares of companies included in the index list are traded on the NASDAQ – the American stock exchange that is among the three major ones and specializes in automated quoting of shares of non-financial high-tech companies. The most well-known companies of NASDAQ100 index are Dell, Apple, Amazon, Google, eBay, and Facebook. The methodology for calculating the index is based on the weighted value of shares of the issuing companies. This calculation method means that the index is influenced by the shares of the companies in proportion to their market value. Tracking the weight of the shares of any certain company included in the list is difficult, but it is possible to monitor the situation in this industry at the moment. NASDAQ100's undeniable advantage is that it is ideal for trading futures contracts.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
7394.60000 7392.60000
The rate of NQ (NQ) index for today is $7394.60000. The highest cost of NQ (NQ) for today was $7.0000, the lowest rate was $7.0000. The opening price: $7,385.67. The quotes chart of NQ (NQ) index in real time is presented below.

Real-time price chart of NQ

Prev. Close7,447.17
Day's Range7.0000 - 7.0000
52 wk Range5,750.5 - 7,511.39
Average Volume183,624,218
Swap Long-4.43478
Lot Size1
Swap Short-3.56522
Stop&Limit Level0
SPX2,818.372,818.37-21.59 -0.76%
YM25,162.4125,162.41-137.51 -0.54%
NQ7,354.667,354.66-92.51 -1.24%
FTSE7,497.877,497.87-113.77 -1.49%
FDAX12,163.0112,163.01-195.86 -1.58%
CAC5,305.225,305.22-98.18 -1.82%
SX5E3,350.313,350.31-59.13 -1.73%
ASX2006,289.006,289.00-40.00 -0.63%
IT402,042.72,042.7-7.4 -0.36%
HK5027,323.5927,323.59-429.34 -1.55%
NI22521,943.0021,943.00-261.22 -1.18%
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