EUROSTOXX50 Blue-chip index for the Eurozone is an underlying index that includes powerful companies with large capitalization. In addition, when preparing the list, such factors as the statistics of paid dividends and the implementation of social obligations are taken into account. Index has an industrial orientation: among the 50 participants who represent the energy, chemical and consumer sectors, only five participants are representatives of the insurance industry and six belong to the financial sector. The relevance of EUROSTOXX50 index is quite considerable, its performance guides both traders and representatives of the financial and economic sectors. EUROSTOXX50 most accurately reflects the overall situation in the euro zone economy, a negative change in the quotations of the shares of a single participant of the listing is reflected dramatically on the whole list. The index is calculated in the five major currencies, namely the euro, US dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen. The index is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. EUROSTOXX50 index is used to calculate the so-called "sub-indices", consisting of chips of the largest companies of different countries. For example EUROSTOXX SUBINDEX demonstrates the development strategy quotations of the economies of Italy, France, and Spain.

Risk warning: Trading in FX and CFDs entails high risk of losing capital.

SellBuyMood1-day change
3395.10000 3393.50000
100% ▾
The rate of SX5E (SX5E) index for today is $3395.10000. The highest cost of SX5E (SX5E) for today was $3.0000, the lowest rate was $3.0000. The opening price: $3,387.35. The quotes chart of SX5E (SX5E) index in real time is presented below.

Price chart of SX5E in real time mode

Prev. Close3,387.94
Day's Range3.0000 - 3.0000
52 wk Range2,908.7 - 3,596.2
Average Volume40,177,969
Swap Long-0.09
Lot Size1
Swap Short-0.15
Stop&Limit Level0
IBEX359,409.109,409.10+66.90 +0.72%
SPX2,832.942,832.94+10.46 +0.37%
YM25,914.1025,914.10+65.23 +0.25%
NQ7,326.287,326.28+19.29 +0.26%
FTSE7,299.197,299.19+70.91 +0.98%
FDAX11,657.0611,657.06-28.63 -0.25%
CAC5,412.835,412.83+7.51 +0.14%
SX5E3,387.943,387.94+1.86 +0.05%
ASX2006,190.506,190.50+15.30 +0.25%
IT402,022.72,022.7+19.1 +0.95%
HK5029,409.0129,409.01+396.75 +1.37%
NI22521,584.5021,584.50+133.65 +0.62%
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