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False forex signals can be defined as forex signals in which after a market technical analysis, the indication of currency price movements produces an incorrect or inaccurate picture of economic reality. These false forex signals are generated due to various trading factors like timing lag, irregularities in data sources, smoothing methods and algorithms used in the calculation of forex market indicators.

Most of these fake signals are viewed as fake outs. Here, the forex trader enters a trade position with great expectations of future forex trading signals and price movements but the price movements never comes up while the traders assets moves in the opposite direction.



Most forex technical indicators help to checkmate the occurrences of fake forex signals. Most of these forex indicators allows the identification of key areas where the forex market overstresses to one direction with the currency price levels. When these forced price levels are violated by these indicators that shows the exaggeration of price movements, it automatically tells the forex trader not to venture into the forex market and wait for a more secure price movement that will lead to a good profit. 

These technical indicators can also be used in the resolution of a size of a position. It gives guild lines on when a forex trader should enter the forex market in a half position, not after a break out of a price level, to consummate a purchase and when to sell at great prices. These indicators also gives an accurate detail on the amount of capital that is marketed as a specific point in time. It tells when there is an increase or a decrease in forex investors.


The process of eliminating noise from a forex market chart also helps in the identification of false forex signals and gives forex traders the ability to identify true features of a trend. A perfect way of achieving this is for forex traders to use averaging candlesticks on a forex chart. The use of averages eradicates the intraday variations and small lived trend changes thereby creating a clear picture of the total trend. 

In conclusion, it is very important for forex traders to have deep and clear understanding of the various technical indicators used in forex trading in other to be able to properly detect false forex signals when they come up. Forex traders should develop the system of using different technical indicators as a checking instrument for forex trading. The identification of false forex signals help forex traders to losses and an improved forex trading ability.

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