Market orders suggest that the trader or the investor is interested in entering the currency position at the moment whether it is short and long. It is also evident that most of the traders depend on market order largely.

Now the primary feature which differentiates a market order from other orders is that market orders are implemented at the existing market price as compared to the future market prices. In this post, traders will get the best solution related to forex sell limit.

What is forex sell limit or forex sell stop?

Before answering the question, it is important to mention something more crucial than forex sell stop. So, at the beginning itself, I would like to mention briefly that limit order is actually a take-profit order which is mainly placed with a bank to purchase or sell a set of amount of any financial instrument at a specified price or better.

Forex sell limit or forex sell stop can be explained as an order to a broker to sell a stated quantity of asset either above or at a stated price.

How does forex sell limit or forex sell stop order work in forex trading?

In a view to understand the concept in more detail, this let us quote an example.

Suppose a stock is presently trading at $30. And you as a trader would like to sell the security if it reaches or goes below $29, given the conditions only if the stock can be sold for $28 or more than that. So, the trader can place a stop-limit order just by setting the stop price to $29 and limit price to $28.

Forex sell stop sell limit can also be referred as a stop-loss order. Now, I will explain that what is stop loss order?

A stop-loss order is an order which is actually placed by an investor to purchase or sell when the stock reaches a certain level of price. It is also designed to restrict the loss of traders on a security position.

There are two types of stop-loss order, and they are:

  • Sell stop orders: It is used to protect the long positions by triggering a market sell order when the price falls below a certain level.

  • Buy stop orders: The price of Buy-stop order will always be above the current market price and will initiate if the price increases above that level.

What is buy stop sell stop forex?

A buy stop order is placed at a stop price above the existing market price. Traders mainly use a buy stop order to limit a loss and to safeguard a profit on a stock which has been sold short. A sell stop order is placed at stop price below the current market price.


Forex Sell limit order: An entry to sell above the current price.

Sell stop order: An entry to sell below the current price.

Limit order to sell: It is take-profit order placed by a bank to buy or sell.


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